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Event Sponsorships

Apply for an event sponsorship

The Institute invites faculty to apply for sponsorship of an event that supports UNC-Chapel Hill faculty and the mission of the IAH, with a particular emphasis on the arts and humanities.

The IAH will only consider faculty-focused arts, humanities, and interpretive social science events including, but not limited to, academic workshops, panels, lectures, conferences, and film screenings.

Please indicate in the application the ways in which the event will primarily advance faculty and their work.

The IAH will not consider the following events for sponsorship:

    1. Individual faculty/staff celebrations
    2. Student-centric events
    3. Staff-centric events
    4. Donor-centric events

We accept and review applications on a rolling basis and respond within a month of submission. Funds are limited; we traditionally fund proposals in the range of $200–$2,500. Funds may also come in the form of in-kind support through a waived Hyde Hall reservation fee.

Event sponsorship applications should be submitted no later than six weeks before the event date. If your sponsorship request is approved, we will provide logos for promotional materials and ask you to include the Institute as a sponsor of the event.

Your application should include:

  • Details of the event
  • Summary as to how it supports faculty and the arts and humanities
  • The intended audience
  • An estimated budget
  • Additional funding sources
  • Department or unit’s business manager or finance contact

Please note: If you plan to host a sponsored event in Hyde Hall, you must submit a separate event registration request form. The University Room and Incubator Room are available for room reservations. Please refer to our room rentals and pricing page and the Hyde Hall reservation policies for more information.

Submit an Event Sponsorship Application on Qualtrics.


For more information, contact:

Silas Webb
Program Administrator