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New Faculty Program



Launched in 2013, the IAH New Faculty Program is designed to facilitate interdisciplinary and mentoring networks for faculty at the assistant professor rank who are in their first five years at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Interim Program Director: Todd Ramón Ochoa,



The program engages faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences who are new to campus through professional development, networking, and social events throughout the year. The program helps to connect faculty better to resources, opportunities, and the campus. Events that are typically hosted include a welcome-to-campus social, campus tours, publication and writing workshops, and promotion and tenure panels.

Fall 2023 Events

Registration is required for all events.

Sept. 12: NHC Fellowship Proposal Workshop: Learn about the National Humanities Center Residential Fellowship and workshop your proposal.

Sept. 14: NFP Opening Breakfast: Engage Chancellor Emeritus James Moeser and Interim NFP Director Todd Ochoa in a broad-ranging conversation about UNC’s recent history, its organizational structure, and how to make the most of your first years on campus.It will also be an opportunity to meet other new faculty in the College and begin building the community that will help you thrive at Carolina.

Sept. 21: Faculty Fellowship Program Proposal Workshop: Discuss your Faculty Fellowship Program application’s Project Statement in a small group setting with a past Fellow.

Oct. 4: History Tour and Social Gathering: Get to know UNC-Chapel Hill’s racial history in a tour of Battle Hall, the site of the former Confederate Monument, the Unsung Founders Memorial, the Caldwell Memorial, and Chapel of the Cross.

Oct. 13: Community Building Dinner: Network with fellow faculty and dine at an international eatery in the Triangle.

Nov. 2: Your Promotion on the Tenure Track: Learn from experienced administrators and faculty members in a facilitated conversation about promotion on the teaching track.




The New Faculty Program is open to full-time faculty who hold the rank of assistant professor or teaching assistant professor and who are within their first five years of appointment in the College of Arts and Sciences.



For more information, contact:

Zyon Perkins
Event Planner

Todd Ramón Ochoa
Interim Program Director, NFP
Associate Professor, Religious Studies