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University Room

Price: $400   |   Book Your Room Now 

The University Room is located on the first floor in Hyde Hall. Room rental includes 6-foot rectangle tables, 70-inch round tables, chairs, and audio/visual equipment. In order to reserve this room, movers are required for the University Room which is an additional cost to the rental rate. The IAH does not provide movers for the setup of this event space. Food and drink are permitted.

ITS Classroom Hotline provides technical support to UNC faculty using the University Room (Room #109) in Hyde Hall. ITS Classroom Hotline does not provide additional audio/visual equipment. Requests for additional audio/visual equipment must be included in your reservation application. Technical support is provided Mon. – Fri., from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Limited support is provided Mon. – Fri., from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Please call 919-962-6702 for technical assistance.


To inquire about room availability, email

  • Please note that although a date/time appears available on the calendar, it does not guarantee a room reservation. Priority will be given to units in the Fine Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and Global Programs within the UNC College of Arts & Sciences.
  • Room reservations may be submitted during the Institute’s open windows: 
    • Now Accepting: Requests for Spring 2022 – Summer 2022.
    • July 1, 2022: Accepting requests for Fall 2022 and Graduation 2023.
    • November 1, 2022: Accepting requests for Spring 2023 – Summer 2023.

Room Layout Options

Theater Style: Seats a maximum of 80 people. The University Room features a projector and sound technology.

University Room set up with rows of chairs facing the projector screen, and a small table with four chairs.

From the point of view of the lectern and technology station at the front of the University Room. Rows of chairs face the front of the room.


Stage: Upon request, you can feature a raised stage area. This is often used for events featuring panels.

A short platform elevates two tables and four chairs into a stage-set-up. The stage is at the front of the room (near the projector screen) and next to the lectern.


Banquet Style: Seats up to 64 people (eight chairs around eight tables maximum).

Seven chairs are arranged around circular tables. There are about 7 tables with these chairs visible in this section of the University Room.


Hollow Square: Seats up to 30 people. It is a good set-up for an event in which attendees are asked to fully participate. It can also be set up in a more rectangular version of the hollow square. (Open Rectangle max. 40 people)

From the point of view of the lectern/technology station in the University Room. Tables are arranged to create a square arrangement, with an opening in the middle. There are about seven to eight chairs along each edge of the square.

Tables are arranged in a long rectangle, with an opening in the middle. There are about six chairs on the shorter sides and about 11 chairs on each of the longer sides.


Classroom Style: Seats up to 30 people. The set up in the classroom style is similar to the theater style, for a more intimate event. However, it does allow attendees to comfortably write, think, eat or drink.

Two tables seat four chairs together. There are about eight stations set-up like this, as the chairs and tables face the screen and technology station.


Boardroom Style: Seats up to 30 people. Like the U-shape set-up, it is great for occasions in which attendees are asked to fully participate.

Tables are pushed together to create one long table arrangement that seats 30 chairs.
U-Shape Style: Seats up to 35 people. It is an ideal set-up at events in which attendees are asked to fully engage.

Tables are arranged to create a long rectangular set-up, with chairs around; one short side is completely open with no tables nor chairs.


Reception Style (not pictured): Up to 120 people.