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Reservations FAQ


Can I reserve the Fellows Room through the online application?

No, the Fellows Room is not a reservable space through our online room reservation application. The room is primarily used for IAH programming and special occasions.

Can I reserve the Seminar Room through the online application?

No, the Seminar Room was converted to a meeting space for IAH staff in 2019; therefore, the Seminar Room is no longer available through the online room reservation application.

I haven’t filled out the Event Reservation Application yet, but can you place a hold on the calendar for me?

As noted in our Hyde Hall Policies, rooms will not be held for event dates until the IAH staff have received an application and processed it. If our reservation portal is closed, we cannot confirm availability or place holds on future dates until after the portal has reopened.

Can I use or reserve the Kitchen alone for an event?

Due to fire safety codes and inspections from the Office of the Fire Marshal, the Kitchen can only accommodate three people at a time; therefore, the kitchen and the catering kitchen are not event spaces and cannot be reserved as such.

As noted in our Hyde Hall Policies, Hyde Hall’s kitchen appliances, equipment and other materials are not permitted for use for external events unless granted prior approval by the IAH.

Can I come to Hyde Hall to view the space I am reserving?

Yes, you are welcome to make an appointment with IAH Staff to view/test your reserved space equipment. Please email to schedule a time for a walkthrough of the event space at least one week prior to the event date.

Are IAH Staff available to meet with movers, caterers, and/or other vendors on my behalf?

No, IAH Staff are not available to meet with any event vendors for your event. The planning and execution of your event is the responsibility of the Event Lead/Reserving Party.

Are IAH Staff available to assist with event execution or troubleshooting?

The Institute does not assist with setting up rooms/rearranging furniture, technology, coordinating supplies (including photocopies), cleaning up after events, etc.

Do you provide sponsorship or waving of fees?

Generally, no. The Institute does provide a 50% discount to our core constituent units and administrative partners (see list). The IAH does sponsor a limited number of events through our Event Sponsorship online application, where units can request fees to be waived and/or funding to support their event at Hyde Hall and elsewhere.



For more information, contact:

Zyon Perkins
Event Planner




Last updated: July 6, 2023