The Institute for the Arts and Humanities welcomes, respects, and values people of all races, ethnicities, cultures, genders, sexualities, abilities, class and educational backgrounds, religious affiliations, geographic regions, national origins, and identities. We strive to enact our mission statement: to empower faculty to achieve their full potential by creating community and cultivating leadership, in all that we do. Equity and inclusion are the bedrock for creating community—if people do not feel included and are not treated equitably, they cannot reach their full potential or become leaders. Moreover, we believe that equity and inclusion are fundamental principles that guide the arts and humanities: these humanistic disciplines require acknowledgment and engagement with the richness and diversity of all people from a variety of backgrounds. At the IAH we affirm the dignity of all people and believe that everyone who talks with our staff, participates in our programs, or attends our public events is welcome, respected, and valued in their full humanity.