Announcing the 2019-2020 Faculty Fellows

The Institute for the Arts and Humanities is pleased to announce its 2019-2020 cohort of Faculty Fellows.  The Faculty Fellowship Program provides on-campus leaves for faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences to work on interdisciplinary scholarly projects. Fellows also gather weekly around a meal to discuss their projects and professional development goals. Faculty Fellows typically demonstrate a strong track record in working with faculty and students across disciplines, engage in scholarship that makes significant contributions to their respective fields, and demonstrate the potential to effectively communicate the results of their research to a broad audience. The 2019-2020 Fellows and their topics are as follows: FALL 2019 Michael Gutierrez, Teaching Assistant Professor (English … Continued


College of Arts and Sciences

Schwab Academic Excellence Awards recognize 21 faculty members

The Institute is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Schwab Academic Excellence Awards. The award recognizes one faculty member in each College of Arts and Sciences department in the arts, humanities, and qualitative social sciences. Department chairs nominate … Continued

Dr. Ronald Judy will deliver 26th annual Mary Stevens Reckford Memorial Lecture in European Studies

Dr. Ronald “R.A” Judy, a professor in the Department of English at the University of Pittsburgh, will deliver the 26th Annual Mary Stevens Reckford Memorial Lecture in European Studies, entitled “On the Question of Beloved Community: Revisiting W. E. B. … Continued

Hyde Hall Door

IAH responds to BOG settlement with increased support for race and reckoning research

The appalling decision by the University of North Carolina System’s Board of Governors to use the UNC-Chapel Hill’s resources and name to support a pro-Confederacy organization highlights the urgent need for the University to reckon with its historical and current … Continued

Academic Leadership Program

Call for Applications: Director, Academic Leadership Program

The Institute for the Arts and Humanities invites applications to be Director of the Academic Leadership Program (ALP). The ALP Director works in conjunction with The Institute’s Senior Leadership Consultant in the support and development of each ALP cohort. The … Continued

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Reckford Lecture

The Institute hosts the annual Mary Stevens Reckford Memorial Lecture in European Studies, established in 1990 by UNC Classics Professor Kenneth J. Reckford to honor his wife, Mary Stevens Reckford (February 25, 1934 – November 12, 1987). The lecture is designed to appeal to the public, rather than specialists. Speakers are asked to provide “pleasure, instruction, an interdisciplinary approach and a sense of shared humanity.” Because Mary Reckford’s birthday is Feb. 25, the Institute hosts the lecture within the month of February.

Learn more about Reckford Lecture

Weil Lecture

The Institute for the Arts and Humanities has hosted UNC’s Weil Lecture on American Citizenship since 2000. Brothers Henry and Solomon Weil established the lecture in 1915 to widen discussion of the concept in the United States. Presidents Taft and Carter, Eleanor Roosevelt, Senators J. William Fulbright and Nancy Kassebaum and Professor Lester Thurow are among the many distinguished Weil lecturers. Other recent speakers have been members of Congress, diplomats, political commentators and renowned scholars.

Learn more about Weil Lecture

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  • Weil Lecture 2017 – Gospel Choir
  • Weil Lecture 2017 – Mark Katz
  • Weil Lecture 2017 - Theodore Shaw
  • Weil Lecture 2017 – Yara Allen
  • Weil Lecture 2017
  • Cold Mountain Collaboration Event – Charles Frazier, T Bone Burnett, Mark Katz
  • Cold Mountain Collaboration Event 2017 Charles Frazier
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  • Weil Lecture 2017 – Theodore Shaw
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