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How does the IAH support fixed-term faculty?

Philip Hollingsworth Philip Hollingsworth, Ph.D., Coordinator for Faculty Programs

The Institute for the Arts and Humanities (IAH) has a national, thirty-year reputation of supporting UNC’s faculty through community building programs that propel scholarship and leadership development. In 2013, the IAH expanded its programming to offer support throughout a faculty member’s career including their first years at UNC, their next steps after receiving tenure, and including the experience just before and after retirement.

Essential Joy: Organizing time, mind and life

Rebecca Williams, Business Manager

Our society is bound to a lot of stuff.  Every tool, souvenir, and sentimental object carries and affects the energy which flows through a room.  For every object that blocks light, a shadow is cast.  For every object that is placed, a weight is introduced.  De-cluttering is often the first step to encouraging lightness to flow into our lives.

The art and science of leadership

Dr. Kevin Guskiewicz Kevin M. Guskiewicz, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Kevin Guskiewicz, College of Arts and Sciences Dean at the University North Carolina at Chapel Hill, discusses his time in the Academic Leadership Program and how this experience has informed his career.

Racial equity education is leadership development

M. Clay M. Clay, Communications Specialist

Working my way up the ranks at the Chicago Tribune, I often had leadership development, conflict management, and coaching training to help support my staff. Recently I, along with the entire IAH staff, encountered the most important education in my career: training on racial equity and inclusion with an organization called the Racial Equity Institute (REI). This is not a place to get camping gear.