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Why I support faculty through the IAH

Allison Burnett Smith Allison Burnett Smith

The Institute for the Arts and Humanities (IAH) was created while I was a student at Carolina, but I didn’t learn about it until after graduation. That is not surprising, since it is a faculty support organization, and students have very little, if any, interaction with the Institute or Hyde Hall during their undergraduate experience. Without knowing it, they are being taught by faculty who are at the top of their field due to IAH support.

30-for-30 Campaign: A way for fellows to give back

Jennifer Ho Jennifer Ho, IAH Associate Director

As someone who has had the privilege of sitting at the Fellows Table twice, I wanted to find a concrete way to celebrate the Institute’s 30 years and the 600+ faculty who have participated in the Faculty Fellowship Program (FFP) and to give other fellows the opportunity to also express their regard for the Institute and their fellow faculty. I am calling on each faculty fellow to donate $30—a dollar a year in honor of the IAH’s 30 years of empowering faculty

For events, look beyond the panel

Ebony Johnson photo Ebony Johnson, IAH Events Coordinator

Events serve as a form of communication. It is important to have more than a theme. Events are a reflection of organizational beliefs and practices. What are your events saying about your organization?

Q&A: Nelson Schwab III, Advisory Board Chair

Nelson Schwab, I.A.H. Advisory Board Chair M. Clay, Communications Specialist

Nelson Schwab III (’67) has worked tirelessly in service of UNC, through work on the Board of Visitors, as a Board of Trustees member, and on the board of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities. We talk to him about his love of Carolina, particularly, the faculty.