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Workshops to build a better team

Tommie Watson, I.A.H. Director of Operations Tommie Watson, IAH Director of Operations

I started at the Institute for the Arts and Humanities as the business manager but was quickly tasked with rebuilding and restructuring the staff. Not many people get the chance to create a team from scratch, but it is a challenge to create the sense of camaraderie that makes work efficient, rewarding, and fun.

A week in the life of faculty supported by the Institute

By Mark Katz, IAH Director

I often marvel at—and am grateful for—the unexpected places my career has taken me, and as a graduate student, or even as a junior faculty member not so long ago, I would never have imagined a future with a week like this. More specifically, I never expected either to be in the public eye or collaborating with musicians.

For this Carolina alum, an honors class begins a lifetime of education for the sake of learning as the goal

Lane McDonald, Institute for the Arts and Humanities By Lane McDonald, Advisory Board Member

In some ways it’s too bad that my intellectual awakening happened so late, but the good news is it did happen, and in enough time for me to leverage UNC as a resource to feed it.  But, learning for interest, nourishing curiosity and digging to the next level of understanding is also ingrained in me now.  And I have Carolina to thank for it.