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Seeing Faculty Support Firsthand

Angela O'Neill, Director of Development Angela O'Neill, Director of Development

As the director of development for the Institute, I am able to witness the dedication to faculty support and the impact that our donors have on campus firsthand, something that I am humbled by every day. Most recently, I was able to observe the final Faculty Fellowship session of the semester, whereby Fellows from six departments across the College discussed the culmination of their research over the last four months…

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The Basis of a Brand

Sophia Ramos, Communications Specialist Sophia Ramos, IAH Communications Specialist

Today, it makes sense that branding is essential to the success of a company. The number of times a person can interact with a company’s brand is higher now more than ever. Branding is a term mentioned frequently across industries, but what exactly is it and why is it important?

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Classroom Strategies in a Tense Political Environment

Mark Crescenzi Mark Crescenzi, Chair, Department of Political Science

At every level there have been no shortage of heated political issues surrounding our students. As a scholar of peace and conflict in global politics I have never shied away from teaching uncomfortable material in the classroom. But with the midterm elections around the corner and no end in sight to intense partisan debate, how can we as teachers give our students the opportunity to process this tension without getting sidetracked?

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Q&A with Vice Chair of the IAH Advisory Board, Roger Perry

Roger Lee Perry Roger Lee Perry, Vice Chair, IAH Advisory Board

The IAH Advisory Board is a group that brings knowledge, skills, and strategic advice to help further the Institute’s goals. We talk to Roger Perry, Vice Chair of the Advisory Board, about his time at Carolina as student, and how he has continued to support the University throughout the years.

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