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Fellows' Recently Published Works


Supporting, promoting, and deploying artistic and humanistic scholarship for and by Carolina’s faculty

Through the Institute’s fellowships and programs, we support faculty by offering an interdisciplinary environment to pursue artistic and scholarly projects that lead to publication, exhibition, composition, and performance.

This opportunity not only shapes our Fellows during their semester in Hyde Hall, but also contributes to each respective field and discipline, and allows Fellows to bring the knowledge they have acquired back into the classroom.

Watch a video of Claude Clegg (FFP ’17), Julia Haslett (FFP ’18), and Chad Bryant (FFP ’19) talking about the impact of the Faculty Fellowship Program on their projects published in 2020 and 2021.


Below are recently published works by current and former IAH Fellows.


View a list of works published in past years:

2020   |    2021

Allen Anderson (FFP ’00, ’13), Music

Hildegard von Bingen, Ordo Virtutum, opera. (electronic drones and accompaniments for the chant melodies)

This Night, This Moment, concert of seven works by Allen Anderson

Hsumei’s Lantern, In Defense of Corrosion, cym bow lick (electronic music with video of art installations), at the Horace Williams House Gallery


David Baker (FFP ’16), English and Comparative Literature

Early Modern Criticism in a Time of Crisis, Tome Press (digital)


Florence Dore (FFP ’13, ’22; ALP ’20), English and Comparative Literature
Highways and Rocketships, album, 2022. Named the best Americana and Non-Country album in 2022 by Lonesome Highway magazine.

Read a story about Dore and her album from the College.


Kathleen DuVal (FFP ’13, ’22), History

Give Me Liberty!: An American History, W. W. Norton


Bart Ehrman (FFP ’89, ’92), Religious Studies

Journeys to Heaven and Hell: Tours of the Afterlife in the Early Christian Tradition, Yale University Press


Melanie Feinberg (FFP ’18), School of Information and Library Science

Everyday Adventures with Unruly Data, MIT Press


Michael Figueroa (FFP ’20), Music

City of Song: Music and the Making of Modern Jerusalem, Oxford University Press


Michael Gutierrez (FFP ’19), English and Comparative Literature

The Swill, Leapfrog Press


Gail Henderson (ALP ’11), School of Medicine

Bioethics Reenvisioned: A Path Toward Justice, UNC Press


James Hirschfield (FFP ’90, ’93, ’01; ALP ’12), Art and Art History

Gilded Threads, sculpture


Kelly Hogan (FFP ’12), Biology

Inclusive Teaching: Strategies for Promoting Equity in the College Classroom with Viji Sathy, West Virginia University Press. Read a Q&A with Hogan and Sathy about the book.


Valerie Lambert (FFP ’05), Anthropology

Native Agency: Indians in the Bureau of Indian Affairs, University of Minnesota Press


Jacqueline Lawton (FFP ’18), Dramatic Art

“So Goes We” in the Telling Our Stories of Home: International Performance Pieces by and About Women, Bloomsbury

Chaos, commission for Peace Studio


Pamela Lothspeich (FFP ’12), Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Mimetic Desires: Impersonation and Guising Across South Asia, editor, University of Hawai‘i Press


Michael McFee (FFP ’95, ’08), English and Comparative Literature

A Long Time to Be Gone, Carnegie Mellon University Press


Hugo Mendez (FFP ’22), Religious Studies

The Cult of Stephen in Jerusalem: Inventing a Patron Martyr, Oxford University Press


Torin Monahan (FFP ’20), Communication

Crisis Vision: Race and the Cultural Production of Surveillance, Duke University Press


Ruth Moose (FFP ’08), English and Comparative Literature

The Goings on at Glen Arbor Acres, St. Andrews Press


Morgan Pitelka (FFP ’17; ALP ’18), Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Reading Medieval Ruins: Urban Life and Destruction in Sixteenth-Century Japan, Cambridge University Press

Letters from Japan’s Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: The Correspondence of Warlords, Tea, Masters, Zen Priests, and Aristocrats, Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley


Aleksandra Prica (FFP ’20), Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures

Decay and Afterlife: Form, Time, and the Textuality of Ruins, 1100 to 1900, The University of Chicago Press


C.D.C Reeve (FFP ’10), Philosophy

Plato: Laws, translation and introduction, Hackett Publishing

Aristotle’s Theology: The Primary Texts, translation and introduction, Hackett Publishing


Courtney Rivard (FFP ’21; ALP ’23), English and Comparative Literature

Layered Lives: Rhetoric and Representation in the Southern Life History Project


Steven Rosefielde (FFP ’00, ’07), Economics

America’s Future: Biden and the Progressives, World Scientific Publishing


Viji Sathy (ALP ’21), Psychology and Neuroscience

Inclusive Teaching: Strategies for Promoting Equity in the College Classroom with Kelly Hogan, West Virginia University Press. Read a Q&A with Hogan and Sathy about the book.


Bland Simpson (FFP ’98, ’06), English and Comparative Literature

The Mystery of Beautiful Nell Cropsey, audio book

50 Songs & Tunes – The Red Clay Ramblers, digital recording


John Sweet (FFP ’07, ’20), History

The Sewing Girl’s Tale: A Story of Crime and Consequences in Revolutionary New York, MacMillan. Winner of a 2023 Bancroft Prize from Columbia University. 

Listen to a podcast with Sweet about his research for the book.

His book was also featured in the College’s Bookmark This series.


Jane Thrailkill (FFP ’02, ’09, ’13), English and Comparative Literature

Philosophical Siblings: Varieties of Playful Experience in Alice, William, and Henry James, University of Pennsylvania Press


Adam Versényi (FFP ’93; ALP ’04), Dramatic Art

The Dramaturgy of Space, translation, Bloomsbury




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