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Welcome to The Institute, a podcast where we profile the fascinating people connected to the Institute for the Arts and Humanities at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We talk with faculty about the pillars of their work in teaching, service and research. We learn the makings of successful leaders across disciplines. And we share this with you.

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Weil Speaker Judy Woodruff on ‘America at the Crossroads’

Judy Woodruff at the PBS News Hour desk.

In advance of the 2024 Weil Lecture on March 25, Director Patricia Parker conducts a phone interview with speaker Judy Woodruff.

Examining Biblical Texts with Assistant Professor Hugo Mendez

Hugo Mendez

Assistant professor of religious studies Hugo Mendez (FFP ’22) discusses his research in his recent book projects.

International Collaborative Research with Associate Professor Andrea Bohlman

Andrea Bohlman outside of Hill Hall.

Andrea Bohlman is an associate professor of music who received a 2023 Summer International Collaborative Research Grant from the Institute for the Arts and Humanities.

Episode 131: The Women of NOW with Historian Katherine Turk

Katherine Turk

Historian Katherine Turk (FFP ’21) discusses her new book, The Women of NOW: How Feminists Built an Organization that Transformed America.

Episode 130: When the Swelling Goes Down with Actor, Playwright Samuel Ray Gates

Samuel Gates

Actor and playwright Samuel Ray Gates (FFP ’22) talks about his Faculty Fellowship experience, where he continued his work on his one-person show, When the Swelling Goes Down.

Digital Humanities, Game Studies, and International Collaborations with Courtney Rivard

Courtney Rivard

Recorded in spring 2023, Courtney Rivard, a 2023 fellow in the Tyson Academic Leadership Program, discusses her work as Director of the digital literacy and communications lab at UNC. She also shares recent projects in digital humanities, gaming studies, and a book that she worked on during her spring 2022 Faculty Fellowship. 

Kenneth Janken on Bringing the Wilmington Ten to the Public’s Attention

Kenneth Janken speaks at a lectern in the University Room for the George H. Johnson Prize Lecture.

African, African American and diaspora studies professor Kenneth Janken received the 2022 George H. Johnson Prize for Distinguished Achievement by an IAH Fellow. On March 23, 2023, he received the award and delivered a lecture, “Bringing the Wilmington Ten to the Public’s Attention: One Historian’s Experience in Public Humanities.” Before his lecture, he sat down to talk about his research, public reaction to the case, and his Fellowship experiences.

Public Humanities Engagement and Interdisciplinary Collaborations with Patricia Parker – Part 2

Patricia Parker smiles in the Hyde Hall courtyard, with the Fellows fountain behind her.

Institute for the Arts and Humanities Patricia Parker talks about the impact of public humanities engagement. She also shares her recent interdisciplinary collaborations with other UNC faculty and international partners.

Leadership and Engaged Humanities Scholarship with Patricia Parker – Part 1

Patricia Parker smiles in the Hyde Hall courtyard, with the Fellows fountain behind her.

Institute for the Arts and Humanities Director Patricia Parker reflects on her first year leading the IAH, and how her experiences and work in engaged scholarship prepared her for the role.

Viji Sathy on leading the Academic Leadership Program

Viji Sathy

Viji Sathy, the IAH’s Tyson Academic Leadership Program Director, talks about how the program helps faculty across the UNC-Chapel Hill campus, her experiences in leadership development, and the way she brings her work in inclusive teaching into the ALP seminars.

Experiences in the Faculty Fellowship Program with Oswaldo Estrada

Oswaldo Estrada, holding his notebook, in his office in Dey Hall.

Oswaldo Estrada, professor of Romance studies, discusses the Faculty Fellowship Program. After receiving a fellowship three times, Estrada returned as its program director in 2021. As he enters the second year in the role, we talk about the program, the way that it enhances faculty research, his past experiences as a Fellow, and what he’s looking forward to learning from this year’s cohorts.

Recovering stories from the past: The Sewing Girl’s Tale

History professor John Wood Sweet joins the podcast to talk about his new book, The Sewing Girl’s Tale: A Story of Crime and Consequences in Revolutionary America, published by Henry Holt and Company. He talks about the experiences of researching and publishing this book, his IAH Faculty Fellowship in 2020, and why he started telling the stories of people who aren’t widely known.

‘Between Home, Blackness and Me’: Interview with 2022 Reckford Speaker Magdalena J. Zaborowska

Magdalena Zaborowska, wearing a University of Michigan mask, stands in the University Room. Out of focus behind her, is her slideshow presentation.

After the 2022 Reckford Lecture, speaker Magdalena Zaborowska joins Patricia Parker and Sharon Holland for a deeper dive into themes from her remarks, including questions about belonging and identity in James Baldwin’s philosophy of Black queer humanism. She also discusses her interdisciplinary research methodologies and provides a glimpse into her future Baldwin-inspired projects.

Performance and the US-Mexico Border with China Medel

China Medel talks about her work in media and performance studies, as well as her manuscript Spectral Aethestics: Alternative Media and Visibility at the US-Mexico Border, which looks at a selection of film photography, new media and installation art about the crisis of migrant death at the US Mexico border.