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Funding Opportunities for Faculty

To retain its designation as a top-tier research university, UNC-Chapel Hill faculty are expected to have a high level of research and publication productivity. They then bring that knowledge to teaching Carolina students and to the public. The Institute for the Arts and Humanities is proud to be able to offer funding opportunities to faculty.

Several grants have specific application windows. Consult the Calls and Opportunities page to view currently open calls for applications.



The IAH supports grants to support faculty research, publication, and more. Faculty are able to apply for the grants below:

Arts and Humanities Publication Support Grant: Provides funding to support the publication of a book, recording or other academic and scholarly work.

Arts and Humanities Research Grant: Provides support for scholarship and creative activities.

Event Sponsorship: Provides funds to an event that supports the faculty community and mission of the IAH.

Fixed-Term Faculty Support Grant: Provides support to fixed-term faculty’s pedagogical or research portfolios.

King’s College London Collaboration Grant: Provides support for projects and collaborative events that advance the relationship between UNC-Chapel Hill and King’s College London. Limited to faculty or graduate students from departments that contribute to the fund.

Summer International Collaborative Research Grant: Provides $20,000 of ongoing funding for up to five years for international projects beginning the summer after it is awarded.

William C. Friday Arts and Humanities Research Award: Provides a stipend for undergraduate students to assist with a current or former Faculty Fellow’s research project.


External Grants

While the Institute does not direct these grants, the IAH aids in the submission and nomination process.

National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipends

National Humanities Center Summer Residency Program



The Institute for the Arts and Humanities administers these awards, which are determined by nomination only.

Schwab Academic Excellence Award

George H. Johnson Prize



Learn more about the Fellowship opportunities at the IAH, including the Faculty Fellowship Program and the Tyson Academic Leadership Program.



For more information, contact:

Silas Webb
Program Administrator