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Summer International Collaborative Research Grant

Developing an international profile is important for career advancement for faculty at the associate professor level. The Summer International Collaborative Research Grant provides funding to faculty to travel abroad and establish new collaborative research projects or continue existing ones.



Faculty members receive $20,000 of ongoing funding for up to five years for international projects beginning in summer 2024. Two grants will be awarded.



Any faculty member in the fine arts, humanities, and qualitative social sciences at the rank of associate professor with their primary appointment in the College of Arts and Sciences.


Application Process

Proposals for new or existing collaborative research projects with a host organization, such as a university, museum, think tank, or consortium will be considered.

Research products should be detailed in the proposal, with an explanation for why a given product is important to the recipient’s field or professional development.

The application includes:

  • Narrative proposal that explains the importance of international research for this project (1,000 words max)
  • Work plan (one-page)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Proposed budget
  • Chair’s endorsement

View a preview of the Summer International Collaborative Research Grant application. (PDF)

Preference will be given to proposals for projects with one of UNC-Chapel Hill’s four strategic partners, King’s College London, Universität Tübingen, National University of Singapore, and Universidad San Francisco de Quito.

The next application cycle will launch in Fall 2024.


Funding Guidelines

Appropriate uses of funding include:

  • Up to $5,000 on summer salary, including fringe, taken during the summer of 2024
  • International and local travel
  • Lodging and meals (based on the local cost of living)
  • Books and supplies, including archival research, reproductions, and research equipment
  • Funding UNC graduate research assistants, including travel
  • Hosting, catering, and venue rental for international events, conferences, or symposia held at UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Honoraria, speaker fees, and consulting fees for services provided in the United States
  • Professional development activities for related conference registration fees and/or membership fees for international scholarly organizations


Inappropriate uses of funding include:

  • Personal use
  • Course development
  • Publishing-related expenses
  • Regular or base, or any related administrative supplements
  • Funding non-UNC research assistants
  • Hosting, catering, and venue rental for events, conferences, or symposia held abroad
  • Honoraria, speaker fees, and consulting fees for services provided abroad

For publishing-related expenses, please apply for the Arts and Humanities Publication Support Grant.


Reporting Requirements

Recipients of this award will be expected to submit two reports. The first, submitted at the end of summer 2024, is a progress report to update the IAH on work performed. The second, submitted at the end of the five-year period or once all of the funds have been spent, whichever comes first, will be a final report summarizing the work done and all research products (both in process and published).


Funds expiration

Funds from this grant will expire five years after the award date.

  • For grants awarded in academic year 2022-2023: Expire on June 30, 2028.
  • For grants awarded in 2023-2024: Expire on June 30, 2029.



For more information contact:

Silas Webb
Program Administrator



Last Updated: 5/30/24