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30-for-30 Campaign: A way for fellows to give back

Jennifer Ho

As someone who has had the privilege of sitting at the Fellows Table twice, I wanted to find a concrete way to celebrate the Institute’s 30 years and the 600+ faculty who have participated in the Faculty Fellowship Program (FFP) and to give other fellows the opportunity to also express their regard for the Institute and their fellow faculty. I am calling on each faculty fellow to donate $30—a dollar a year in honor o … Continued

For events, look beyond the panel

Ebony Johnson photo

Events serve as a form of communication. It is important to have more than a theme. Events are a reflection of organizational beliefs and practices. What are your events saying about your organization?

Workshops to build a better team

Tommie Watson, I.A.H. Director of Operations

I started at the Institute for the Arts and Humanities as the business manager but was quickly tasked with rebuilding and restructuring the staff. Not many people get the chance to create a team from scratch, but it is a challenge to create the sense of camaraderie that makes work efficient, rewarding, and fun.

For this Carolina alum, an honors class begins a lifetime of education for the sake of learning as the goal

Lane McDonald, Institute for the Arts and Humanities

In some ways it’s too bad that my intellectual awakening happened so late, but the good news is it did happen, and in enough time for me to leverage UNC as a resource to feed it.  But, learning for interest, nourishing curiosity and digging to the next level of understanding is also ingrained in me now.  And I have Carolina to thank for it.