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Musical Change a’Coming with Dr. Jocelyn Neal

January 11, 2021

Whose musics should be studied and performed in music departments?  What background do students need to succeed in college-level music studies?  And what skills, knowledge, and experiences should the study of music impart?

Music Of Arab America Post 9/11 With Michael Figueroa

June 23, 2020

Music Professor Michael Figueroa talks about the music of Arab America as a key component to post-9/11 racial identity formation. Prof. Figueroa will serve as the facilitator of the IAH Faculty of Color and Indigenous Faculty Group in the academic … Read more

James Ketch, Professor, Music

December 23, 2015

James Ketch, UNC music professor and jazz studies director, is passionate about teaching and learning. In 1992, he was the first IAH fellow, funded by David and Becky Pardue. Since then, he has continued to flourish in his teaching, service and research.