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Fellows’ Recently Published Works: 2023

The Fellows Celebration, hosted every January, recognizes the major artistic and scholarly achievements produced by IAH Faculty Fellows in 2023. This page highlights the works featured at the Fellows Celebration on Jan. 16, 2024.   Fitz Brundage (FFP ’04; ALP ’06), History A New History of the American South, editor, UNC Press. Read a story about Brundage and the book.   Sarah Dempsey (FFP ’09, ’23), Commun … Read more

Fellows’ Recently Published Works: 2022

Throughout the year, the past and present Faculty Fellows and Academic Leadership Fellows maintained excellence and displayed leadership in their scholarship and teaching. Here is a selection of recent achievements.   Allen Anderson (FFP ’00, ’13), Music Hildegard von Bingen, Ordo Virtutum, opera. (electronic drones and accompaniments for the chant melodies) This Night, This Moment, concert of seven works by All … Read more

Fellows’ Recently Published Works: 2021

Throughout 2021, IAH Fellows continued to launch exhibitions, debut new works and publish new manuscripts.

Fellows’ Recently Published Works: 2020

Despite unprecedented challenges from the pandemic, the Institute’s Faculty and Academic Leadership Fellows continued to publish scholarship and create artistic works through 2020. This compiles the published books, films, compositions and performances created by Faculty and Academic Leadership Fellows since 2020.

Artistic Disruptions of Antiblack Violence

Torin Monahan

Torin Monahan, Professor of Communication and IAH Faculty Fellow, writes about themes he has been exploring in his current project on art, race, and surveillance.