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Broadening the Institute’s Impact

November 13, 2023 | Kristen Chavez

This year, the Institute for the Arts and Humanities finalized a four-year strategic plan that enhances and expands the Institute’s long-standing model of supporting arts and humanities research and leadership. The plan, “Going Deeper to Broaden Our Impact,” builds on the strengths of the IAH’s core programs, partnerships, and initiatives to position the Institute for growth and responsiveness in an evolving academic culture.

The strategic plan and its priorities are the culmination of a multiyear assessment, which included an external review, an internal analysis of the Institute’s varied activities, a survey of faculty constituents, and consultation with the IAH’s advisory boards and staff. The plan’s five priorities (see below) are consistent with Director Patricia Parker’s vision of promoting a culture of belonging for all Carolina faculty, while advancing arts and humanities ideals and values.

Illustrative graphics of What's Next for the Institute? Once a Fellow always a Fellow. Break down SILOS: More Collaboration. How to make decisions going forward? Keep questions in motion. Defend & AFFIRM value of arts & humanities. "Make space for the work to be done."
At a retreat in spring 2021, the Institute’s advisory boards, staff, and Fellows explored the IAH’s strengths and lay the groundwork for a strategic plan. Artist Wendi Pillars captured the ideas and sentiments in graphic recordings throughout the day.

Work is already underway to implement the objectives for each of these priorities. One highlight is the Summer International Collaborative Research Grant, which lays the foundation for a future international exchange component in the Faculty Fellowship Program. Another priority reaffirms the Institute’s commitment to supporting faculty of color and Indigenous faculty through sustained funding and extending its work in racial equity training for faculty.

This year will also see the addition of a Leadership Library, a repurposed space near the Fellows Room. The library will be a new place for faculty to connect and collaborate informally, further utilizing Hyde Hall for intellectual engagement. Additionally, the IAH will continue to invest in partnerships that create more public engagement opportunities for faculty.

The final priority identifies and creates the infrastructure to support the initiatives’ implementation and includes the appointment of a faculty director for strategic initiatives. That position is expected to begin in July 2024.

The strategic priorities require additional funding to reach aspirational goals. Future work will include the International Fellowship Exchange, a Carolina Public Fellows Program, and an extension of the Hyde Hall kitchen with a new outdoor porch.


Strategic Priorities: Going Deeper to Broaden Our Impact, 2022-2026

  1. Internationalization: Work to expand the Institute’s global impact on research and support arts and humanities faculty in building their international profiles.
  2. Equity and Inclusion: Lead in equity and inclusion for retention and promotion, and work to remove barriers for arts and humanities faculty.
  3. Utilization of Hyde Hall: Enhance the Hyde Hall to create more spaces for intellectual engagement and community building among faculty.
  4. Community Engagement and Partnerships: Invest in partnerships with arts and humanities units on campus, in the state, and beyond to amplify mutually beneficial work.
  5. Implementation Infrastructure: Enhance existing operations to support the priorities and sustain our current fellowships, programs, and initiatives.

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