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IAH launches new Summer International Collaborative Research Grant

March 8, 2023 | Kristen Chavez

A world globe through a window.
Photo by Donn Young.

UNC-Chapel Hill faculty have a new opportunity to conduct research abroad and develop international partnerships thanks to a new grant from the Institute for the Arts and Humanities.

The Institute is now accepting proposals for the Summer International Collaborative Research Grant, which will provide $20,000 of funding to travel abroad and establish new collaborative research projects or continue existing ones. The grant is available for faculty members at the associate professor rank in the fine arts, humanities, and qualitative social sciences.

“Some of the most impactful research begins with faculty collaborating with other experts at universities, museums, art galleries, community organizations, and other entities,” said Patricia Parker, director of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities. “Supporting faculty collaborative research opportunities abroad extends that impact globally and enriches teaching and learning at UNC.”

With this grant, faculty establish or maintain their own collaborations with an international organization, but preference will be given to those who collaborate with one of UNC-Chapel Hill’s international strategic partner universities.

The new grant is part of an initiative by the Institute in its strategic plan, “Going Deeper to Broaden Our Impact.” Under Parker’s leadership, the Institute will work to enhance its international relationships and support faculty and the global impact of their work.

“Our priority on internationalization is one that I hope will be a hallmark of my term as director,” said Parker.

“In addition to the potential global research impact and enhanced teaching and learning, developing an international profile is important for career advancement for faculty at the associate professor level. This initiative is one way to increase opportunities for more faculty to do that.”

This initiative builds on the University’s Strategic Plan, Carolina Next, which outlines objectives to strengthen such partnerships and make a global education available to all students. “Likewise, we want to remove barriers and ensure a global research opportunity to all arts and humanities faculty,” said Parker.

In time, the IAH aims to expand the grant into a Summer International Research Collaboration Fellowship in the Arts and Humanities, complementing the flagship Faculty Fellowship Program.

Applications are due on March 27, 2023.

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