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Announcing the 2022-2023 Faculty Fellows

April 5, 2022 | Kristen Chavez

The Institute for the Arts and Humanities is delighted to announce its 2022-2023 cohort of Faculty Fellows. The Faculty Fellowship Program offers College of Arts & Sciences faculty the opportunity to pursue ambitious, exciting, artistic, and scholarly projects that lead to publication, exhibition, composition, and performance.

During a semester-long, on-campus Fellowship, Fellows meet weekly to exchange ideas with an interdisciplinary cohort of peers.

Faculty Fellows often demonstrate a track record of engaging in scholarship that breaks new ground in their respective fields, having an interest in communicating the results of their research to a broader audience, and working to bring that knowledge back into the classroom.


Fall 2022

Karen Auerbach, Johnson Fellow

Associate Professor, History

“A Nighttime Butterfly: Coming of Age in the Paris of the East Before the Holocaust”


Florence Dore, Turner Fellow

Professor, English and Comparative Literature

“No Prospect of a Limit: Character and Capital in the Global Novel”


Samuel Ray Gates, Legacy Fellow – Race, Memory, and Reckoning Initiative

Assistant Professor, Dramatic Art

“When the Swelling Goes Down”


Michelle King, Ellison Fellow

Associate Professor, History

“Chop Fry Watch Learn: Modern Chinese Cooking with Fu Pei-mei”


Alicia Monroe, Cramer Fellow

Assistant Professor, African, African American and Diaspora Studies

“Brotherhoods and Belonging: Afro-Brazilian Religious and Secular Associations, 1830-1930”


Antonia Randolph, McGowan Fellow

Assistant Professor, American Studies

“That’s My Heart: Queering Intimacy in Hip-Hop Culture”


Vincas Steponaitis, Whitton Fellow

Distinguished Professor, Anthropology

“Publishing the Excavations at Feltus, an Ancient Mound Center in the Lower Mississippi Valley”


Brendan Thornton, Blackwell Fellow

Associate Professor, Religious Studies

“Rethinking Christianity and Black Atlantic Religion: Identity, Cosmology, and Christian Variation in the Southern Caribbean”


Benjamin Waterhouse, Wickham Fellow

Associate Professor, History

“On Our Own: America’s Road to the DIY Economy”


Waleed Ziad, Hyde Fellow

Assistant Professor, Religious Studies

“Female Religious Leadership in the Afghan Empire”


Spring 2023

Janet Downie, Burress Fellow

Associate Professor, Classics

“Spaces of Hellenism: The View from Roman Asia Minor”


Shakirah Hudani, Pardue Fellow

Assistant Professor, African, African American and Diaspora Studies

“Reckoning with the City in Post-Genocide Rwanda”


Heidi Kim, Arts & Humanities Fellow – Race, Memory, and Reckoning Initiative

Professor, English and Comparative Literature

“Beyond Reparations: The Lessons of the Japanese American Incarceration”


David Lambert, Schwab Fellow

Associate Professor, Religious Studies

“Is Bible Scripture? Reassembling the Biblical in Ancient Judaism and Beyond”


Chérie Ndaliko, Hyde Fellow

Associate Professor, Geography

“Mahereko: A Womanist Lexicon of Radical Black Ecology”


Eliza Rose, Townsend Fellow

Assistant Professor, Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures

“Art and Unrest in the Polish 1968”


Brett Whalen, Borden Fellow

Professor, History

“Medieval Jesus: A Biography”


Ana Maria Vinea, Bernstein Fellow

Assistant Professor, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

“Healing Dilemmas: Islam, Psychiatry, and Affliction in Contemporary Egypt”



The application process begins in the fall of each year for the next academic year. The application period for the 2023-2024 Faculty Fellowships will be in Fall 2022.






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