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Jocelyn Chua, Mark Crescenzi and Kumi Silva have been named to the Institute for the Arts and Humanities Faculty Advisory Board.

The board advises the direction of the IAH’s fellowship programs and selects new Fellows for its Faculty Fellows Program. Faculty Fellowship offer semester-long, on-campus leaves for faculty to pursue their research and a weekly meeting with an interdisciplinary group of colleagues who discuss their research and issues of academic life.

Jocelyn Chua, assistant professor of anthropology, conducts research on the anthropologies and politics of health and well-being, the globalization of psychiatry, mental health and illness, the politics of life and death, suicide, ontologies of the body, and kinship and care. Since 2002, her research has examined expert and vernacular efforts to make sense of and intervene into an unfolding suicide epidemic in Kerala.

Mark Crescenzi, Bowman and Gordon Gray Distinguished Term Professor of Political Science, teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in international relations, including introductory international relations, international conflict processes, and international conflict resolution and management. His current research examines the role of reputation in world politics, the importance of geo-politics in democratization and conflict, and economic competition as a source of political violence in world politics.

Kumi Silva, assistant professor of communication studies, conducts research on the various intersections of feminism, identity and identification, post-colonial studies and popular culture. Her most recent work has appeared in Social Identities, South Asian Popular Culture and Cultural Studies.  She is the author of several book chapters on race, global media and film.

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