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30-for-30 Campaign: A way for fellows to give back

March 5, 2018

As someone who has had the privilege of sitting at the Fellows Table twice, I wanted to find a concrete way to celebrate the Institute’s 30 years and the 600+ faculty who have participated in the Faculty Fellowship Program (FFP) and to give other fellows the opportunity to also express their regard for the Institute and their fellow faculty. I am calling on each faculty fellow to donate $30—a dollar a year in honor of the IAH’s 30 years of empowering faculty

Current ALP fellow Jennifer Ho featured in Carolina Arts & Sciences

October 29, 2015

Jennifer Ho, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, weaves her personal story as a Chinese-Jamaican American around food, family and identity during her visit to Jamaica to honor her late Uncle Frank. “Like my uncle, I strive to speak truth to power,” she writes, “to be that contrarian who looks at a different perspective and seeks a different opinion, not for the sake of being contrary but to make sure that the majority rule does not become the only voice in the room.”