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The Institute for the Arts and Humanities is pleased to announce a new grant for UNC-Chapel Hill faculty, The Arts and Social Justice.

IAH Director Mark Katz conceived of the initiative, which will award a total of $25,000, as a means to encourage faculty to engage with injustice in the world through the medium of art.

“This grant captures the essence of what the IAH aims to do: make the arts and humanities relevant to our local communities,” says Associate Director Jennifer Ho, “especially in light of what is happening in our contemporary moment: the tragic murders of 3 Muslim students in Chapel Hill a year ago; the movement to rename Saunders Hall; the pro-Confederate rally; the fight for cross-gender housing assignments and gender neutral signage/language.”

“We can’t wait to unveil these artistic creations next year and share them with our UNC Chapel Hill and Triangle-area communities,” says Professor Ho. “We want art to be part of the conversation on social justice issues, and we want the IAH to be part of this critical dialogue.”

The deadline for applications is April 15, 2016.

The Arts and Social Justice: A Call for Interventions Grant Guidelines

Works must respond to notions or instances of injustice that lead to the oppression or marginalization of individuals or groups. A short list of examples would include homophobia, human trafficking, income inequality, police brutality, racism, religious extremism and intolerance, and sexism.

With the understanding that social justice is a process rather than an outcome, the goal of such works should be to raise awareness, encourage dialogue, build community or solidarity, or in some way spur constructive thought or action around injustice in the world. To that end, these projects should be displayed/performed on campus to allow the UNC-Chapel Hill community to interact with the art. All projects must be completed by February 28, 2017 for display or performance later in the semester.

Full-time faculty (both tenure ladder and fixed term) from any discipline are eligible to apply, and we welcome collaborations among faculty and students. Funds cannot be used for course buyouts or salary but can be used for the purchase of materials, supplies, facility rental, studio space, and student assistants. Three to five awards will be given in the amounts of $5,000–10,000.

Applicants should submit:

·         A narrative of no more than 500 words explaining how your artistic project engages with the theme of social justice and will be displayed/performed on campus. In addition to the narrative

·         An itemized budget (total not to exceed $10,000), a timeline for the project, and a 2-page c.v.

·         Please collate these into a single PDF or Word document with the file name [LastnameFirstname.extension], e.g. WalkerKara.pdf or RiveraDiego.docx.

All proposals can be submitted by Friday, April 15, 2016.


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