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IAH MICROTALK JC 20140206The IAH’s New Faculty Program, which launched in 2013-2014, will continue this year with an expanded mix of social and academic activities that seek to engage new faculty in the life of the University.

Meanwhile, the series of dinners for newly tenured and promoted faculty, offered last year in partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences, will continue this year as a new program of the IAH.

The New Faculty Program, led by Todd Ochoa, assistant professor of religious studies, will add a campus tour and cultural event to its lineup of activities designed to help faculty in their first three years on campus make meaningful personal and professional connections. The program will again offer its November dinner with senior faculty and a spring garden party with associate faculty. New Faculty Microtalks will showcase selected faculty presenting brief presentations on their work.

The Associate Professor Program, led by IAH Fellow and philosophy scholar Geoff Sayre-McCord, seeks to provide newly tenured and promoted associate professors with mentoring and support at this key mid-career point.

Last year’s program offered a series of dinner conversations focused on topics relevant to their academic lives and encouraged faculty to form informal mentoring networks.

This year, the IAH will add a lunch series. Speakers will include IAH senior leadership consultant Rob Kramer, Abigail Panter, senior associate dean of undergraduate education, and the three senior associate deans who oversee arts and humanities academic departments: Kevin Guskiewicz (natural science), Jonathan Harlyn (social sciences and global programs) and Terry Rhodes (fine arts and humanities).

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