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The Institute for the Arts and Humanities is pleased to announce its 2016-2017 cohort of Faculty Fellows.  The Faculty Fellows Program provides on-campus leaves for faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences to work on interdisciplinary scholarly projects. Fellows also gather weekly around a meal to discuss their projects and professional development goals under the guidance of Michele Tracy Berger, Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Director of the Faculty Fellows Program. The program provides three types of fellowships: IAH Faculty Fellowships support work related to the arts, humanities and qualitative social sciences; the Chapman Faculty Fellowships, offered in conjunction with the UNC Provost’s Office as a university teaching award, are given to outstanding teachers who regularly teach undergraduate students; and the Digital Innovation Lab Fellowships provide the opportunity for faculty working in the arts and humanities to explore the potential of digital humanities in their own scholarly and expressive practice.

Faculty Fellows typically demonstrate a strong track record in working with faculty and students across disciplines, engage in scholarship that makes significant contributions to their respective fields, and demonstrate the potential to effectively communicate the results of their research to a broad audience. The 2016-2017 Fellows and their topics are as follows:

Fall 2016 Faculty Fellows

Barbara Ambros, Professor, Religious Studies
NEH Burkhardt/Legacy Fellow
Sanctuary: Religion and Human-Wildlife Relationships in Contemporary Japan

David Baker, Distinguished Professor, English & Comparative Literature
DIL/Preyer Fellow

Elizabeth Engelhardt, Distinguished Professor, American Studies
Taylor Fellow
The Lost Story of the Southern Boardinghouse

Jennifer Gates-Foster, Assistant Professor, Classics
Schwab Fellow
The Archaeology of Borderlands in Hellenistic Egypt

Dorothea Heitsch, Senior Lecturer, Romance Studies
Chapman Fellow
Interreligious Dialogue in the Early Modern World

Christian Lentz, Assistant Professor, Geography
Borden Fellow
Bounded Revolutions: Dien Bien Phu and the Making of Northwest Vietnam

Jeannie Loeb, Senior Lecturer, Psychology and Neuroscience
Chapman Fellow
Teaching Tips from Award-Winning UNC Instructors

John Roberts, Professor, Philosophy
Townsend Fellow
Puzzlement and Its Relief: An Account of Explanation and Understanding

Jina Valentine, Assistant Professor, Art
DIL/Cramer Fellow
The Black Lunch Table

Robin Visser, Associate Professor, Asian Studies
McGowan Fellow
Bordering Chinese Eco-Literatures (1984-2014)

Spring 2017 Faculty Fellows

Samuel Amago, Professor, Romance Studies
Blackwell Fellow
Doing Things with Garbage in Contemporary Spain

Deborah Gerhardt, Associate Professor, Law School
Law School Fellow
Owning Colors

Cara McComish, Assistant Professor, Allied Health Sciences
Chapman Fellow

Dave Pier, Assistant Professor, African, African American, and Diaspora Studies
Pardue Fellow
The Bard on the Radio: Memory, Morality, and Politics in Ugandan Pop Music

Morgan Pitelka, Professor, Asian Studies
Dubose Fellow
Sixteenth-Century Losers: A History of Daily Life and Destruction in Late Medieval Japan

Daniel Sherman, Distinguished Professor, Art
Bernstein Fellow
Sensations: French Archaeology Between Science and Spectacle

Beverly Taylor, Professor, English & Comparative Literature
Espy Fellow
Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Meenu Tewari, Associate Professor, City & Regional Planning
Belk Fellow
Ecologies of Risk and the Political Economy of Adaptation Stories

Gabriel Trop, Assistant Professor, Germanic & Slavic Literatures
Turner Fellow
Attraction and Indifference: Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Nature

Lien Truong, Assistant Professor, Art
Whitton Fellow
Mutiny in the Garden

Molly Worthen, Assistant Professor, History
Burress Fellow
If Men Were Angels: Anti-Democratic Thought in America


The Institute for the Arts and Humanities serves as UNC’s faculty home for interdisciplinary conversation and collaboration. Its mission is to help the university recruit, refresh, develop, and retain a world-class faculty of scholars and teachers. At the heart of this mission is the affirmation of the crucial value of the arts and humanities to the life of the university and the world. Learn more about the IAH’s Faculty Fellows program here.

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