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Watch IAH Zoom Talks: David Kiel

April 28, 2020

  “Building A Pipeline for Future Innovation by Supporting Academic Intrapreneurs” David Kiel has created seven separate leadership development programs for faculty at UNC-Chapel Hill and consulted on strategic planning and leadership with other R-1s, doctoral-level Institutions, four-year colleges, and … Continued

Watch IAH Zoom Talks: Dr. Eric Klinenberg

April 15, 2020

IAH Zoom Talks: Dr. Eric Klinenberg The Institute for Arts and Humanities hosts IAH Zoom Talks, a virtual talk series featuring discussions on ideas surrounding COVID-19. Each talk will be focused on a particular scholar and topic relevant to the … Continued

“UFOs are a Myth. Myths are Real” with David Halperin

April 6, 2020

David Halperin, Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies, talks about his latest book INTIMATE ALIEN: THE HIDDEN STORY OF THE UFO (Stanford University Press). He also discusses how the current COVID-19 pandemic might give rise to new UFO sightings and interest … Continued