Molly Worthen, Assistant Professor of History

May 25, 2017

Before becoming an academic, Molly Worthen worked as a journalist. She brings this sensibility to her work as a scholar. She also writes a regular column for the New York Times Opinion Section. She describes her work in exploring Christianity … Continued

Lien Truong, Assistant Professor of Art

May 25, 2017

Faculty Fellow Lien Truong is a dedicated, renowned artist. She discusses how she was drawn to art as a teen. “It became an outlet for working out issues in the world.” She scoped out the faculty at Carolina┬ábefore deciding to … Continued

Gabriel Trop, Associate Professor, German Studies

May 17, 2017

Gabriel Trop discusses how philosophy and literature led him to the scholarship of German aesthetics, especially the one professor who inspired and challenged him. He branched out to study the Classics to better understand German poets and philosophers, such as … Continued