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Watch: “Society after Pandemic” with Dr. Alondra Nelson

September 28, 2020 | Sophia Ramos


“Society after Pandemic” with Alondra Nelson | Originally recorded on Sept. 9, 2020

Scholars have long known that socioeconomic opportunity, employment sector, incarceration and detention status, housing insecurity, and educational access have everything to do with health and wellbeing. The disproportionate, life-threatening impact of the novel coronavirus on Black communities across the United States is therefore a symptom of the wider, deeper social pandemic of structural inequality. At the same time, Covid-19 has become a kind of social kaleidoscope refracting social phenomena, reassembling them in new and familiar formations—and with unfamiliar vividness. How do the social conditions exposed, exacerbated, and created by the novel coronavirus demand that we revisit and substantively rethink our ideas of society, social institutions, technology, and politics?

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