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McCaskill talks about the importance compromise for Weil Lecture

November 3, 2021

In her remarks, titled “Finding Common Ground: Bipartisanship Within Political Turmoil,” she examined three possible reasons for the lack of compromise in politics. She pointed to the impacts of redistricting on elections, the segmentation of modern media and the normalization of disinformation, and growing cynicism and apathy towards government.

Launching: Scholarly 101 Publishing Event Series

March 18, 2021

The new Scholarly 101 series, developed by Pamela Lothspeich (Director of the New Faculty Program) and Ebony Johnson (Event Planner) features skilled and knowledgeable freelance academic editors who regularly work with first-time book authors, providing editorial guidance and support as they move through the book publishing process

For events, look beyond the panel

February 1, 2018

Events serve as a form of communication. It is important to have more than a theme. Events are a reflection of organizational beliefs and practices. What are your events saying about your organization?

Announcing new policies and pricing for events at Hyde Hall

May 31, 2017

The Institute for the Arts and Humanities announces new usage policies and fees for Hyde Hall. These changes, which are consistent with facility-use policies across campus, will allow the Institute to maintain beautiful Hyde Hall as a welcoming space for faculty … Continued