“The Institute brings scholars here together in Hyde Hall, which allows their ideas to deepen and to turn into books, that then are read and transform the teaching of their fields.”

William Ferris, Ph.D.
Joel R. Williamson Eminent Professor of History
Faculty Fellow ’07
Grammy Award Winner

At every stage of their career, the Institute offers support. Our organization was founded upon the Faculty Fellowship Program (FFP), which grants faculty a semester release from teaching and service to focus on their scholarship. Faculty Fellows gather and discuss their research weekly in Hyde Hall. Since 1988, the Insitute has provided at least 16 fellowships a year. In our 30-year history, the IAH has grown to also aid faculty through grants, leadership development, and programs across ranks.




Number of Faculty Fellows and Academic Leadership Fellows since 1987


Percentage of Fellows who stay at Carolina despite outside offers in the past five years


Number of grants awarded to faculty in 2018


Number of departments supported by the IAH in 2018


Years of teaching Faculty Fellows and ALP Fellows contributed

In the last five years, Institute for the Arts and Humanities Faculty Fellows have published 124 books.






Angela O'Neill, Director of Development

Angela O’Neill

Director of Development

Angela O’Neill joined the Institute for the Arts and Humanities in August 2018. In this role, Angela leads the IAH’s efforts to secure external funding from individual donors and foundations for its programs in support of faculty.




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