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Tools for Planning Your Next Event


IAH Event Sponsorship Application

The Institute invites faculty to apply for sponsorship of an event that supports the UNC faculty community and the mission of the IAH, particularly with an emphasis on arts and humanities. We accept and review applications on a rolling basis and respond within a month of submission. Our funds are limited and traditionally we have funded proposals in the range of $200–$2,500.

To apply or learn more information, please visit the IAH Event Sponsorship Application Form after submitting your Hyde Hall space reservation or contact IAH Executive Director, Tommie Watson at


A Planning Guide for Making Temporary Events Accessible to People With Disabilities

Street festivals, craft fairs, music events and sporting events are but a few of the many temporary events that take place every day in communities both large and small throughout the nation. Temporary events celebrate and support a “sense of community” and must encourage participation by all people.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guide provides information to assist planners, managers, operators and building owners in making temporary events accessible to people with disabilities. This guide acquaints the reader with:

  • The value of making temporary events accessible.
  • An overview of the law.
  • Planning strategies to help prevent discrimination.
  • Typical barriers encountered by people with disabilities and solutions for removal.
  • Methods of locating and coordinating available resources to achieve accessibility.

To read the complete guide, please click here or visit the ADA website.


Post Event Checklist 

The post event checklist has been designed as a resource for groups, outlining tasks that must be completed before leaving Hyde Hall.

To review, please click the IAH Post Event Checklist here.