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Welcome to The Institute, a podcast where we profile the fascinating people connected to the Institute for the Arts and Humanities at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We talk with faculty about the pillars of their work in teaching, service and research. We learn the makings of successful leaders across disciplines. And we share this with you.

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Evolution And Environment With David Pfennig

David Pfennig

Biology Professor David Pfennig discusses his research on how environment can effect evolution of species.

Revitalizing The Cherokee Language With Misha Becker

Misha Becker

Academic Leadership Program Fellow and Linguistics Professor Misha Becker discusses how efforts for the revitalization of the Basque language in Spain might help inform work being done to save the Cherokee language.

The Importance Of Physical Objects With Lyneise Williams

Lyneise Williams

In this episode, Associate Professor of Art History Lyneise Williams discusses her recent talk at an art symposium in southern France, and then shares her thoughts on the importance of physical objects in visual representation.

Introducing this episode is IAH student assistant, Amani Reed.


New Writing Challenges With Daniel Wallace

Daniel Wallace

Distinguished Professor Daniel Wallace leads the creative writing program in the Department of English and Comparative Literature, and is also a Fellow for Fall 2018. He speaks to us about his writing process and the shift into his first non-fiction book.


The Obama Presidency with Professor Claude Clegg

Claude Clegg

Claude Clegg, Distinguished Professor in the Department of African, African American and Diaspora Studies, talks with Philip about his latest project on a history of the Obama presidency.


On Stand-Up Comedy and Billy Graham with Michelle Robinson

Michelle Robinson

Associate Professor of American Studies Michelle Robinson talks with us on her current book on Billy Graham and her studies on stand-up comedy.

Atlantic Bonds: The Latest Book by Lisa Lindsay

Atlantic Bonds, a book by Lisa Lindsay

Lisa Lindsay, Distinguished Professor of History and Department Chair, talks with us about her latest book, Atlantic Bonds: A Nineteenth-Century Odyssey from America to Africa.


Vietnam War Hero Roy Benavidez with Professor William Sturkey

William Sturkey, American Studies

Assistant Professor of History William Sturkey speaks with us about a recent course he taught on the Civil Rights Era, as well as his current research project on the life of Vietnam War hero Roy Benavidez.


Music of Black Panther And the Ugandan Guitar with David Pier

David Pier, Associate Professor

David Pier, Associate Professor in the Department of African, African American and Diaspora Studies, talks with Philip Hollingsworth about his current research in Ugandan music. They also discuss the music from the movie Black Panther (2017) and the synthesis of distinct musical traditions.


Meet the new IAH Communications Specialist, Sophia Ramos

Sophia Ramos, Communications Specialist

In this bonus episode, Philip talks with the new IAH Communications Specialist Sophia Ramos. She introduces herself as co-host of the podcast by speaking on her background in Florida, her favorite books, and more.

IAH New Faculty Collaboration Grant: Senior Associate Dean Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld, Associate Professor Javier Arce-Nazario (Geography)

Rudi Colloredo Mansfeld, Javier Arce-Nazario

We sit down with Senior Associate Dean for Social Sciences and Global Programs Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld and Associate Professor of Geography Javier Arce-Nazario about their collaboration on the geo-visualization of North Carolina mill towns. Their work together is made possible by the IAH’s New Faculty Collaboration grant.


Mark Crescenzi, Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science

Mark Crescenzi

Mark Crescenzi is professor and chair of the Department of Political Science. In this episode, he talks about his research on Peace and Conflict and how international relations influences his leadership style.


Tim Marr, Associate Professor, American Studies

Tim Marr, Faculty Fellowship Program Director

Professor Tim Marr (American Studies) is the new IAH Faculty Fellowship Program Director. In this episode, he discusses the importance of monuments in narrating the history of the United States, especially those that can be considered controversial. He also talks about his love of author Herman Melville. And it is more than just Moby Dick.

Geoff Sayre-McCord, Professor, Philosophy

Geoff Sayre-McCord

Professor Geoff Sayre-McCord (Philosophy) discusses his work as director of the Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics Program in partnership with Duke University. His work as the Program Director for the Associate Professors Program has helped tenured faculty think about their careers among a community of colleagues across campus. Sayre-McCord also talks about his love of David Hume and how he was first drawn to philosophy.


Jacqueline Lawton, Assistant Professor, Dramatic Art

Jacqueline Lawton

Jacqueline Lawton talks about her work as a dramaturge and how theater prepares students for expressing themselves in the real world. Her research most recently led her to discover Marvel Cooke, an early 20th century African American journalist. She is currently working on a play about Cooke’s life. Lawton also discusses her favorite book Black Girl in Paris by Shay Youngblood and, fittingly, her favorite play the James Lapine book play-turned-musical by Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods.”