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Mark Katz square photoWhen Mark Katz is wrapping up a semester on the art and culture of the DJ, his travels around the world as director of the Next Level, a U.S. State Department program that brings hip-hop to serve as cultural diplomacy in nations such as Tanzania, Honduras, and Thailand. And when he gets back, he may a have a few dissertation defenses to hear.

When does the director of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities rest?

“What is that word?” he asks, and then discusses how this is an area in which he is challenged.

Most recently, Mark has found time to read Enrique’s Journey a Pulitzer-Prize winning book by Sonia Nazario.

Medusa, based in Los Angeles, is one of his favorite hip-hop artists, and he was able to work with her through Next Level.

But not surprisingly, as a music scholar Katz likes “to dabble” in different genres, including Mexican hardcore rap, indie rock, and Viennese 19th century composer Franz Schubert. Listen to the podcast below to learn more.


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