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“Food for Thought” brings together alumni ALP groups

October 8, 2019 |

Come with your Academic Leadership Program (ALP) group back to Hyde Hall to enjoy a meal in the Fellows Room — where your Thursday ALP sessions took place and where your cohort was “born and raised.” 

With the aim to encourage your sustained meetings and engagement as leaders on our campus, the IAH has reserved some evenings in the Fellows Room and will provide funds for your cohort to have dinner “back where it all began”  for you.

We realize that members of the Board of the IAH are anxious to understand the extraordinary and exceptional leadership cohorts that are spawned in the ALP.  We propose that your “Food for Thought” dinner will include a member of the IAH Board who has availability on the evening you choose and interest in the topic that you propose as your “table conversation topic” for the evening, with the ALP Director hosting. The first dinner will be held in December 2019. 

Our hope is that a “Food for Thought” dinner will:

  • provide a meal for a gathering of your ALP cohort,
  • invite an IAH Board member to an authentic experience of the unique resource that the ALP program is, especially the important feature of cohorts of faculty leaders that continue long beyond the Fellowship year, and
  • engage your collective insight and conversation about a timely topic related to leadership and our university – with the added benefit of the perspective of an IAH Board and “Carolina family” member.

Some suggestions for topics that will be the focus of conversation for your group with an IAH Board member, or you may propose one that your group would like to consider:

  • The search for our next Chancellor
  • Safety and the Carolina campus
  • Carolina and the town of Chapel Hill
  • The academic mission of the university and the organizational structures of business management
  • Student, faculty and staff well-being on campus
  • What does “academic freedom” look like at Carolina?


Applications for the “Food for Thought” dinners should be submitted by one former ALP Fellow on behalf of his or her cohort. Preference will be given to prompt applications with the greatest percentage of cohort members who can attend. The deadline to apply for the fall semester dinner is Friday, November 8. To apply, please fill out the Qualtrics form here.

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