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The Institute's leadership, staff, faculty, and advisory boards are dedicated to the IAH mission to support and develop Carolina faculty. Search for our current and past Faculty Fellows using the tool below.

Sarah Sharma, Communication Studies, 2009
Yaron Shemer, Asian Studies, 2011, 2021
Mary Sheriff, Art and Art History, 2002
Daniel Sherman, Art and Art History, 2017
Sarah Shields, History, 1996, 2001
Tanya Shields, Women's and Gender Studies, 2020
Stanislav Shvabrin, Germanic and Slavic Languages And Literatures, 2015
Kumarini Silva, Communication Studies, 2014, 2022
Keith Simmons, Philosophy, 1990, 1994, 2004
Bland Simpson, English and Comparative Literature, 1998, 2006
Karla Slocum, Anthropology, 2003, 2020
Dean E. Smith, Athletics, 1999
Jay Smith, History, 2009
Jennifer Smith, Linguistics, 2014
Sara Smith, Geography, 2011, 2018
Howard Smither, Music, 1989
Alfredo Sosa-Velasco, Romance Studies, 2012
Allister Sparks, Hussman School of Journalism and Media, 2001, 2002
Philip A. Stadter, Classics, 1996
Kathryn Starkey, Germanic and Slavic Languages And Literatures, 2002
Laurence D. Stephens, Classics, 1988
Vincas Steponaitis, Anthropology, 2000
Kevin Stewart, Geological Sciences, 2003
Lynda Stone, School of Education, 1996
William Stott, Carolina Environmental Program, 2006
Gerald Strauss, History, 1990
William Sturkey, History, 2018
Randall Styers, Religious Studies, 2004
John Sweet, History, 2007, 2020
Afroz Taj, Asian Studies, 2011
Francesca Talenti, Communication Studies, 2003, 2010
Jessica Tanner, Romance Studies, 2016
Beverly Taylor, English and Comparative Literature, 1995, 2017
Mark Taylor, Philosophy, 1999
Matthew Taylor, English and Comparative Literature, 2017
Todd Taylor, English and Comparative Literature, 2002
J. Michael Terry, Linguistics, 2019
Meenu Tewari, City and Regional Planning, 2017
James P. Thompson, English and Comparative Literature, 1988, 1994, 2010
Jane Thrailkill, English and Comparative Literature, 2002, 2009, 2013
Silvia Tomaskova, Women's and Gender Studies, 2004
Jenny Tone-Pah-Hote, American Studies, 2020
Gabriel Trop, Germanic and Slavic Languages And Literatures, 2017
Hong-An Truong, Art and Art History, 2013
Lien Truong, Art and Art History, 2017
Michael Tsin, History, 2010
Mayron Tsong, Music, 2009
Katherine Turk, History, 2021
Craig Turner, Dramatic Art, 1994
Thomas Tweed, Religious Studies, 1999