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The Institute's leadership, staff, faculty, and advisory boards are dedicated to the IAH mission to support and develop Carolina faculty. Search for our current and past Faculty Fellows using the tool below.

Joseph Megel, Communication Studies, 2011
Hassan Melehy, Romance Studies, 2012
Hugo Mendez, Religious Studies, 2022
Carla Merino-Rajme, Philosophy, 2018
Siegfried Mews, Germanic and Slavic Languages And Literatures, 2004
Eric Meyers, Religious Studies, 2008
Townsend Middleton, Anthropology, 2014, 2021
Laura Miller, Mathematics, 2015
Robert M. Miller, History, 1988
Eric Mlyn, Political Science, 1994
Torin Monahan, Communication Studies, 2020
Ruth Moose, English and Comparative Literature, 2008
Elliott Moreton, Linguistics, 2016
Jeanne Moskal, English and Comparative Literature, 1989, 1992
Layna Mosley, Political Science, 2008, 2020
John Nadas, Music, 1993
Susan Navarette, English and Comparative Literature, 1993
Cherie Ndaliko, Music, 2014
Jocelyn Neal, Music, 2008
Enrique Neblett, Psychology, 2015
Severine Neff, Music, 2002
Chris Nelson, Anthropology, 2006
Christopher Nelson, Anthropology, 2014
Catharine Newbury, Political Science, 1993
David Newbury, History, 1993
Mai Thi Nguyen, City and Regional Planning, 2012, 2019
Jerry L. Noe, Art and Art History, 1990
Donald M. Nonini, Anthropology, 1991, 1998, 2007
James O'Hara, Classics, 2012
Elin O'hara Slavick, Art and Art History, 1995, 2002
Patrick P. O'Neill, English and Comparative Literature, 1990
Todd Ramon Ochoa, Religious Studies, 2013
Elizabeth Olson, Geography, 2017
John V. Orth, School of Law, 1992
Thomas Otten, Music, 2014
Roberta (Bobbi) Owen, Dramatic Art, 1990, 2001
Susan Harbage Page, Women's and Gender Studies, 2015
Mary Pardo, Art and Art History, 1988, 1991
Patricia Parker, Communication Studies, 2002
James Peacock, Anthropology, 1989, 1999
Susan Pennybacker, History, 2020
Theda Perdue, History, 2000
Rosa Perelmuter, Romance Studies, 1989, 1990, 2022
Louis Perez, History, 2000
Krista Perreira, Public Policy, 2008
Andrew Perrin, Sociology, 2007, 2016
Kennetta Perry, African, African American, and Diaspora Studies, 2012
Richard Pfaff, History, 2001
Shantanu Phukan, Asian Studies, 2003
Dave Pier, African, African American, and Diaspora Studies, 2017