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Students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are invited to join in a university-wide, year-long “conversation” on the legacy of World War I during 2014-2015 by signing up for a variety of courses during the fall and spring that focus on the war’s impact and legacy.

“World War I literally reshaped international trade, military science, gender and work roles, and the creation and endurance of nation states,” said English and comparative literature professor John McGowan, director of the Institute of the Arts and Humanities, which is co-hosting the project with the College of Arts of Sciences and King’s College London. “The World War I Centenary Project seeks to raise awareness of the war’s significance and impact through courses and events throughout the year.”

The project will feature undergraduate and graduate courses, seminars, lectures, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, dramatic performances, music and dance events, and workshops for K-12 teachers.

Here are the courses that will be offered in the fall and spring for UNC students.

Fall Semester 2014:

  • Comm Studies 573: American Experience in Rhetoric: World War I (Balthrop)
  • English 54: First Year Seminar: The First World War and the Modern World (Kim, McGowan)
  • English/PWAD 659: Literature of WWI (Armitage)
  • German: German Culture Post WWI and WWII (TBD)
  • German 303: The World Wars and Their Treatment in German Literature (Pike)
  • History 157: British History 1688-Present (includes WWI) (Pennybacker)
  • History/EURO 159: Europe on the Twentieth Century (Jarausch)
  • History 353.004: Honors, British Empire from 1715 (includes WWI) (Pennybacker)
  • History 398, League of Nations and the Middle East (Shields)
  • History 72H-001  (First Year Honors Seminar in History): WOMEN’S VOICES: Twentieth Century European History in Female Memory  (includes WW I) (Hagemann)
  • History 890: History and Memory: An Introduction into Theory, Methodology and
  • Research (focus on World War I and II in European Memory) (Hagemann)
  • Music 286: The American Musical, 1927-1952 (Carter)
  • Political Science 190: Politics, Globalization and WWI (Mosley)
  • PWAD 490-030, The First World War (Staff)

Spring Semester 2015:

  • Art: Seminar on Art & WWI (Sherman)
  • Comm Studies 89: First Year Seminar: Understanding Place through Rhetoric: Remembering WW I (Balthrop)
  • English 105i: Writing in the Humanities: World War I (Danielewicz, Gutierrez)
  • English 357: 20th Century British Literature and Culture: The Lasting Impact of World War I (McGowan)
  • German: Poetry (in German) (Wegel)
  • German: Idea & Art of War (Langston)
  • History 477, Revolution in Russia (includes WWI) (Raleigh)
  • History Undergraduate Research Seminar, WWI Commemoration in North Carolina (Brundage)
  • History/PWAD 369, War & American Society Since 1902 (Glatthaar)
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