Frequently Asked Questions

Hyde Hall is available free of charge for activities directly related to our mission of supporting faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences who work in the arts, humanities, and qualitative social sciences.The building is not available for courses, class meetings or recurring events.

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  • To book an event before 5:00 pm we require at least 2 weeks notice and no more than 6 months notice
  • To book an event after 5:00 pm we require at least 4 weeks notice and no more than 6 months notice.

Normal bookable time slots for Hyde Hall are between 9 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Booking outside of these time slots will require security to be present in the building.

Event Coordinator Tip: Booking Hyde Hall can be tough so I recommend booking as far out as possible to boost your odds of getting a space.

To check availability contact the IAH events coordinator at: or (919) 962-0249

Event Coordinator Tip: Our most popularly booked days are Thursdays and Fridays, while our slowest days are Mondays and Tuesdays. Per our agreement with the University United Methodist Church Sunday mornings are frequently booked as well. If you are in a pinch for space shoot for Mondays or Tuesdays.

To book a space in Hyde Hall you must fill out an event space application.

This application will:

  • Ask you for essential information concerning your event.
  • Require you to enter a full chartfield string (Source, Fund, Account, etc.)
  • Have you verify that you have read our building policies listed here: Link

Once this application is complete the event coordinator will review this information and contact you with a confirmation, revision, or rejection.

The applications portal can be found on the “Reserve Hyde Hall” page of our website as well as to the right of this entry.

We also just created this handy video detailing the steps involved in booking event space in Hyde Hall.

Event Coordinator Tip: Make sure to have all of your event information handy when you fill out this online application. There is currently no way to save your submission and return to it later.

Groups that reserve Hyde Hall spaces are responsible for the following:

  • Knowing and following all building policies.
  • Making arrangements for catering.
  • Security fees, if applicable.
  • Movers fees, if applicable, or setting up and putting away all furniture.
  • Reading and following the alcohol policy, if applicable.
  • Making arrangements for technology training, if applicable.
  • Clean up of all spaces used. There is a $200 fee for failure to clean up the space.
  • Keeping the IAH informed about any changes to reservations or cancellations.

If you decide to setup the room yourself:

  • Your group is agreeing to take the room as is.
    • May vary depending on the setup of the previous group.
  • Your group takes responsibility for setting up any tables, chairs or other furniture.
    • Your group will assume responsibility for any damages.
  • Your group may be expected to return the room to its original setup after your event.

If you decide to hire movers:

  • The IAH will book the movers for your event according to our space availability.
  • The IAH events coordinator and/or administrative assistant will relay your requested setup to the movers
  • Your group will incur a minimum movers fee of $80 per event.
    • $80 per hour with an additional $80 for each additional hour.
  • Minimum of three weeks notice.
  • Movers are not bookable for weekend events.

If you wish to have risers at your event you are required to book movers 2 times (setup and breakdown) this will result in a charge of $160 to your supplied chartfield string.

Event Coordinator Tip:  If you decide that you would like to have a space set up in a way that is not listed in our room setup options, please meet with me in person. This way I can make sure that it will not violate any policies and offer advise on setups I have used or seen used in the past. 

We require a full chartfield string (account, source, fund, etc) for liability purposes and so we can bill you for movers, and/or security.

Event Coordinator Tip:  If you do not know your department’s chartfield string, contact your business manager. Odds are they know this information and  work with chartfields on a daily basis.

Groups who reserve Hyde Hall are responsible for leaving spaces as they found them. A checklist is supplied as a cover page to your confirmation form.

  • If food is served:
    • Make arrangements to remove all food.
    • Take out all trash.
      • Trash should be placed in the large, lidded garbage can located in the Swain Parking Lot, near the back entrance to Hanes Art Center.
    • Wipe down affected surfaces.
  • No plates, cups, napkins, serving platters, food or other event-related items may remain in the room after the event ends.
  • Cleanup may require returning the room to its original setup, at the discretion of the IAH

The IAH event coordinator conducts a room inspection after each event held in Hyde Hall to ensure quality of service to all of our clients.

Please account for cleanup time in your reservation request.

Event Coordinator Tip: Some caterers will include trash removal as part of their contracted service. Make sure to verify this with them first. This often complimentary service has saved me many a trip to the dumpsters on a rainy day.

The IAH will book a security officer for all events after 4:30 p.m. or on weekends.

  • Security cannot be booked with less than 4 weeks notice.
  • For events booked on Monday through Friday the IAH will cover your security fees.
  • For events booked on a Saturday or Sunday, a minimum security fee of $60 per event, a four-hour minimum at $15 an hour, will be charged to the requesting department.
    • In addition you will be billed $15 per hour for each additional hour.
  • Groups that cancel events for which security has been booked within 14 days of the event will be charged a minimum security fee of $60.

Event Coordinator Tip: Security fees can add up quickly and make events more expensive. Shoot to hold events on weekdays. If you do end up requiring security for a weekend event remember that I cannot book them with less than 4 weeks notice.

Alcoholic beverages (including mixed drinks, beer, wine and champagne) may be served under terms and conditions consistent with the laws of the state of North Carolina, the policies of the University and the policies of the IAH.

For the details review this copy of our alchol policy: IAH Alcohol Policy Fill-in Form

Event Coordinator Tip: Alcohol can never be served before 5 pm. This means that if you wish to serve alcohol security is required to be present in the building. 

You are permitted to cater food and drink in every space except the Seminar Room.

Please remember that if you cater food you will need to make sure that the room is cleaned up properly. Proper cleanup is outlined in our building policies, in the FAQs and on the cover sheet of your confirmation form.

The IAH has a service parking space in the University United Methodist Church parking log next door. To utilize this spot you must contact the IAH events coordinator to arrange for a parking pass.

Event Coordinator Tip: There are a lot of good caterers out there. We do not have a list of preferred caterers but I have some I highly recommend. Feel free to contact me at if you would like to get some recommendations. 

For most events within business hours, notice of cancellation must be given three business days in advance.

Events that require the arrangement of security or movers must be canceled at least three weeks in advance.

All applicable fees will be assessed for reservations canceled on shorter notice.

Cancellation fees apply even if the IAH is covering your security costs.

Event Coordinator Tip: The norm in the past has been a fee of 50 percent of the cost of all services that cannot be canceled. This however is not a set rule so make sure to cancel events with plenty of notice. 

If you organization or event is receiving any form of sponsorship form the Institute for the Arts and Humanities you qualify for free promotion. Please contact the event coordinator at and notify us if we have not already reached out to you.

If you organization is not receiving sponsorship from the Institute for the Arts and Humanities please indicate that it will be held at the Institute for the Arts and Humanities, Hyde Hall, followed by the room name and/or number.

If you are a Fellow you might qualify for free promotion depending on the event. Please contact the event coordinator at to check your eligibility.

For more information, contact:

Ebony Johnson
Events Coordinator
(919) 962-0918