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ALP Fellows 2020-21

The Institute's leadership, staff, faculty, and advisory boards are dedicated to the IAH mission to support and develop Carolina faculty. Below is a listing of these teams as well as our current Faculty Fellows and Academic Leadership Program Fellows.

Old Well

Todd BenDor

Professor, City & Regional Planning
(919) 962-4760

Old Well

Thad Domina

Professor, School of Education
(949) 293-7822

Heidi Kim

Associate Professor, English & Comparative Literature
(919) 962-5481

Old Well

Lisa Lindsay

Distinguished Professor, History
(919) 962-2178

Old Well

Rohit Ramaswamy

Professor, Public Health
(515) 988-5124

Michelle Robinson

Associate Professor, American Studies
(919) 962-1991

Viji Sathy

Viji Sathy

Teaching Associate Professor, Psychology & Neuroscience
(919) 843-9119

Old Well

Amanda Thompson

Associate Professor, Anthropology
(919) 843-2060