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Charles Frazier (’73) and T Bone Burnett discuss their Cold Mountain work

October 8, 2017 | M. Clay

Cold Mountain Collaboration Event - Charles Frazier, T Bone Burnett, Mark Katz

How does collaboration begin?” asks IAH Director Mark Katz, who started the conversation at Moeser Auditorium on Sept. 29.

I thank the late Anthony Minghella,” author Charles Frazier says of the director of the film adaptation of his first novel Cold Mountain. “Most writers spend their days in their underwear.”

So it began the irreverent beginning of a collaboration on music and words transposed for film.

Music producer T Bone Burnett shared his experience in decades of work in the music industry. When working on films such as the Big Lebowski, he said, ” Story is just what happens. I focus on the characters.”

IAH Director Mark Katz asked the questions, but so did the audience. The first referenced the ongoing controversy over Confederate monuments, particularly the Confederate statue on UNC’s campus.

“If your desire to honor your heritage is hurting someone else, then maybe you find another way,” said Frazier.

The Q&A continued with many students using the opportunity to talk to music and writing giants about their craft.

The event was in time for the 20th anniversary of the novel. Carolina Performing Arts had two performances of the opera performance based on the novel.

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