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IAH Podcast | Kathleen DuVal, History Professor

UNC History Professor and Faculty Fellow Kathleen DuVal discusses teaching and her book “Independence Lost: Lives on the Edge of the American Revolution.”

IAH Podcast | Jane Thrailkill and Jordynn Jack at the HHIVE

Jane Thrailkill and Jordynn Jack on Health Humanities: Interdisciplinary Venue for Exploration (HHIVE) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Suzanne Gulledge named new ALP Director

Effective July 1, Suzanne Gulledge begins as the new director of the Academic Leadership Program. The program coaches tenured and fixed term faculty members as they explore the challenges facing UNC and how they might help the university.

IAH Podcast | Kim Strom-Gottfried, Academic Leadership Program Director

  “People can lead in a lot of ways,” says Kim Strom-Gottfried, who eight years ago began her work as director of the Academic Leadership Program (ALP). She just completed her last semester in this role. In an interview with Michele Berger, director of the Faculty Fellows Program, Strom-Gottfried, who is also the Smith P. Theimann Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Professional Practice at the School of Socia … Continued

IAH Podcast | Mark Katz, Director, Institute for the Arts and Humanities

When Mark Katz is wrapping up a semester on the art and culture of the DJ, his travels around the world as director of the Next Level, a U.S. State Department program that brings hip-hop to serve as cultural diplomacy in nations such as Tanzania, Honduras, and Thailand. And when he gets back, he may a have a few dissertation defenses to hear.

IAH Podcast | Oswaldo Estrada, Associate Professor of Spanish

Associate Professor Oswaldo Estrada is no stranger to the classroom. He is a current Faculty Fellow as the recipient of the Chapman Family Teaching Award.

IAH Podcast | Glenn Hinson, Associate Professor, Folklore and Anthropology

The difference between a toast and a poem was clear to Horace “Spoons” Williams, who readily shared this with in the mid-1980s with Glenn Hinson, Associate Professor of Folklore and Anthropology in the American Studies Department. Hinson, an Institute for the Arts and Humanities Faculty Fellow, later learns that this conversation was a “very humbling moment” that “transformed the path” of in his scholarly work of Afr … Continued

IAH Podcast | Rob Kramer, Senior Leadership Consultant

Those of us who have had leadership training may wonder “How does that coach learn to do this?” To get some answers, we talked with Rob Kramer, Senior Leadership Consultant here at the Institute for the Arts and Humanities. He brings a breadth of experience in coaching business and academic leaders, teams, and executives through his firm Kramer Leadership. Here at the IAH, where he has worked for 6 years, Kramer faci … Continued

IAH Podcast | Nichola Lowe, Associate Professor, City and Regional Planning

In one of the graduate-level courses Professor Nichola Lowe teaches, one starts with a real-life issue to solve: how to provide education for a manufacturing worker named Maddie. Lowe uses the story from an Atlantic essay that discusses labor to prime her students to think outside typical paths to education that may not be possible for working-class workers.

IAH Podcast | Stephanie Schrader, J. Paul Getty Museum Curator

Stephanie Schrader, PhD, delivers the 22nd Mary Stevens Reckford Memorial Lecture in European Studies entitled Appropriating Asia: The Depiction of the Exotic in European Art. In this special episode, she reveals the inspiration for this lecture and gives a preview of what appropriation and exotification might mean in history in the context of trade and religion in Europe and Asia.