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The Tyson Academic Leadership Program develops and supports current and emerging academic leaders at Carolina. The program is open to all Carolina faculty. Eight applicants are accepted per year by the Faculty Advisory Board.

The database below includes all ALP participants since 2002.



Douglas Shackelford, Kenan-Flagler Business School, Spring 2007
Sarah Shields, History, Spring 2003
Tanya Shields, Women's and Gender Studies, Spring 2017
Kumarini Silva, Communication, Spring 2023
Betsy Sleath, Eshelman School of Pharmacy, Spring 2017
Karla Slocum, Anthropology, Spring 2018
Jay Smith, History, Spring 2008
Conghe Song, Geography and Environment, Spring 2017
Vincas Steponaitis, Anthropology, Spring 2002
Dulcie Murdock Straughan, Hussman School of Journalism and Media, Spring 2009
Kim Strom-Gottfried, School of Social Work, Spring 2004
Angela Stuesse, Anthropology, Spring 2023
Randall Styers, Religious Studies, Spring 2013
Patricia Sullivan, Public Policy, Spring 2024
Richard Superfine, Physics and Astronomy, Spring 2010
Jay Swaminathan, Kenan-Flagler Business School, Spring 2010
Joan Taylor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Spring 2015
Joe Templeton, Chemistry, Spring 2002
J. Michael Terry, Linguistics, Spring 2024
Amanda Thompson, Anthropology, Spring 2021
Thomas Thornburg, School of Government, Spring 2011
H. Holden Thorp, Chemistry, Spring 2004
Sarah Treul Roberts, Political Science, Spring 2022
Gabriela Valdivia, Geography and Environment, Spring 2022
Adam Versenyi, Dramatic Art, Spring 2004
Anthony Viera, Family Medicine, Spring 2013
Ariana Vigil, Women's and Gender Studies, Spring 2022
Benjamin Waterhouse, History, Spring 2024
Amy Weil, Medicine, Spring 2017
Jonathan Weiler, Global Studies, Spring 2023
Julia Wood, Communication, Spring 2002
Nadia Yaqub, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Spring 2013
Adam Zanation, Otolaryngology, Spring 2018
Sheryl Zimmerman, School of Social Work, Spring 2007