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The Tyson Academic Leadership Program develops and supports current and emerging academic leaders at Carolina. The program is open to all Carolina faculty. Eight applicants are accepted per year by the Faculty Advisory Board.

The database below includes all ALP participants since 2002.



Steven Matson, Biology, Spring 2005
Steven May, Communication, Spring 2003
Elizabeth Mayer-Davis, Nutrition, Spring 2015
Noreen McDonald, City and Regional Planning, Spring 2019
John McGowan, English and Comparative Literature, Spring 2007
Laurie McNeil, Physics and Astronomy, Spring 2003
Kara Millonzi, School of Government, Spring 2020
Layna Mosley, Political Science, Spring 2015
Peter Mucha, Mathematics, Spring 2012
Eric Muller, School of Law, Spring 2015
Dennis Mumby, Communication, Spring 2010
Richard Myers, School of Law, Spring 2012
Jocelyn Neal, Music, Spring 2014
Christopher Nelson, Anthropology, Spring 2016
Mai Thi Nguyen, City and Regional Planning, Spring 2020
Julius Nyang'oro, African, African American, and Diaspora Studies, Spring 2005
Todd Ramón Ochoa, Religious Studies, Spring 2019
Elizabeth Olson, Geography and Environment, Spring 2019
Michal Osterweil, Global Studies, Spring 2022
Roberta (Bobbi) Owen, Dramatic Art, Spring 2005
Mary Palmer, School of Nursing, Spring 2009
Abigail Panter, Psychology and Neuroscience, Spring 2012
Mary-Rose Papandrea, School of Law, Spring 2023
Patricia Parker, Communication, Spring 2011
Krista Perreira, Public Policy, Social Medicine, Spring 2014
Eliana Perrin, Pediatrics, Spring 2012
Andrew Perrin, Sociology, Spring 2010
David Pfennig, Biology, Spring 2019
Karin Pfennig, Biology, Spring 2017
John Pickles, Geography and Environment, Spring 2007
Morgan Pitelka, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Spring 2018
Della Pollock, Communication, Spring 2005
Jan Prins, Computer Science, Spring 2007
Pat Pukkila, Biology, Spring 2006
Roberto Quercia, City and Regional Planning, Spring 2008
Rohit Ramaswamy, Public Health Leadership, Spring 2021
Matthew Redinbo, Chemistry, Spring 2011
Andrew Reynolds, Political Science, Spring 2008
Steve Reznick, Psychology and Neuroscience, Spring 2009
Terry Rhodes, Music, Spring 2011
Barbara Rimer, Health Behavior, Spring 2005
Courtney Rivard, English and Comparative Literature, Spring 2023
Michelle Robinson, American Studies, Spring 2021
Pamela Rowsey, School of Nursing, Spring 2011
Carol Runyan, Health Behavior, Spring 2010
Eunice Sahle, African, African American, and Diaspora Studies, Spring 2016
Robin Sansing, School of Social Work, Spring 2024
Viji Sathy, Psychology and Neuroscience, Spring 2021
Patricia Sawin, Anthropology, Spring 2006
Lillie L. Searles, Biology, Spring 2004