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Call for Applications: Tyson Academic Leadership Program, 2024-2025

July 12, 2023 | Kristen Chavez

The Institute for the Arts and Humanities is now accepting applications for the 2024-2025 Tyson Academic Leadership Program, due Oct. 26, 2023.

The ALP helps prepare and support current and emerging academic leaders at UNC-Chapel Hill. Eight Fellows selected annually from units throughout the University engage in a series of activities to help them develop leadership skills, clarify their career commitments, build a leadership network within the campus, and extend their contacts to other leaders beyond the University. Because the ALP requires a significant time commitment, a flexible use stipend of $5,000 is provided to each participant.

What are the requirements of the fellowship?

  • Fall orientation dinner. This event is in the fall prior to the fellowship year.
  • A week of leadership training with the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro. This training should be completed during the summer or fall prior to the program.
  • Two-day Racial Equity Institute Phase 1 training. This training should be completed during the summer or fall prior to the program.
  • Day long kickoff event, typically held on the Friday after New Year’s Day.
  • Weekly lunch-time seminars (typically held from 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM on Thursdays in the spring) in Hyde Hall starting the week after the kickoff event.
  • One overnight retreat. The overnight retreat is typically the last Friday-Saturday of January of the fellowship semester.
  • One all-day retreat. The all-day retreat is off-campus and typically on a reading day in early May of the fellowship semester.
  • Fall forum launch dinner. This event is in the fall following the fellowship semester.

Who may apply?

The Tyson Academic Leadership Program is open to tenure-track and fixed-term faculty members. Tenure-track faculty must be tenured and fixed-term faculty must have at least seven years of service at UNC-Chapel Hill in a primarily instructional role, which is roughly the time to tenure.

What are the steps to apply?

  • Please complete the online application:
  • The application includes:
  • Academic and non-academic leadership history (300 words max.)
  • Program outcomes statement (300 words max.)
  • Program contributions statement (300 words max.)
  • Chair’s endorsement

Before completing the application, please review the eligibility and program requirements.

When are applications due?

Applications are due on Thursday, Oct. 26, 2023.

When will I be notified of a decision?

After a rigorous review process conducted by the Academic Leadership selection committee, a subset of the IAH Faculty Advisory Board, applicants will be notified of their status as a recipient, alternate, or otherwise before Winter Break.

How can I get more information about the Academic Leadership Program?

Please contact IAH Program Administrator Silas Webb at with any questions or concerns that you have about the program.





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