Here at the Institute we encounter all types of events ranging from small dinners for our ALP Forums to large multi-day conferences.

Please select which type of event best describes the event you are planning to apply for event space for.

General events are the bulk of events that take place here at the Institute. They are classified as events by academic departments or centers within the College of Arts and Sciences that occur on a single day in a single space. Some examples of these types of events are: faculty retreats, job talks, receptions or dinners, academic lectures, etc. If this describes your event, this option is for you.

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Academic Conferences are multi-day bookings that encompass a variety of different sub-events around a single theme.These events are anticipated to utilize all three of our event spaces and are permitted to be scheduled further out than standard events.

* All conferences require an in person consultation with the IAH Events Coordinator prior to a formal confirmation.

If this describes your event, this option is for you.

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Specialty/VIP Events are classified as events that require special accommodation and a higher level of discretion than standard events. Some examples of these types of events are: donor dinners, events featuring the UNC Chancellor or President, events falling outside of our regular bookable spaces, etc.

If you are applying for Specialty/VIP event space you will be charged a non-refundable $100 booking fee once your application has been approved. This fee covers the extra staff time and building preparations involved in preparing Hyde Hall for your event.

*To apply for this type of event you will need direct approval from the IAH’s Event Coordinator.

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ALP forums have the exclusive privilege of being able to book spaces in Hyde Hall for cohort lunches, dinners, or other cohort events.

ALP forum events that include other attendees beyond the cohort’s original members should be applied for using the general event space application above.

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Outline Of Event Classifications/Types

For more information, contact:

Ebony Johnson
Events Coordinator
(919) 962-0918