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Digital Humanities

IAH Digital Arts and Humanities Initiative

The IAH Initiative for Digital Arts and Humanities was started in 2008 to facilitate digital projects based on scholarly and artistic research. The IAH seeks to encourage the integration of digital media into traditional academic practice by hosting events and promoting access to ideas, tools and resources
We have developed an ongoing program of speakers, workshops and discussions to inspire digital work and collaboration, including the 2010 C.H.A.T. Festival, a Mozilla Design Jam and an augmented reality workshop. This website will be updated with resources, projects and opportunities for digital research. If you would like to be added to the digital listserv, please email Joyce Rudinsky at

In 2012, the Institute was instrumental in securing a $1.4 million digital humanities grant from the Mellon Foundation to support UNC’s ongoing innovation in this area. There will be eight IAH fellowships in conjunction with UNC's Digital Innovation Lab for work in the digital humanities awarded over the next four years as part of a comprehensive program to bring the digital humanities into both the research and curriculum of our humanities departments.


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