The art of surgery: Cary Levine on the intersection of art and science

It’s seven a.m. on a spring morning, and associate professor of art Cary Levine is at UNC’s Memorial Hospital, delivering an early morning lecture to an unexpected crowd—UNC-CH medical students.


Profiled Fellow: Rachel Willis

“When you receive an IAH fellowship, you’re very aware of the incredible gift of time to be there.”


Profiled Fellow: Eliana Perrin

Eliana Perrin is a natural connector.


Profiled Fellow: Allen Anderson

Allen Anderson’s music collaboration with students.


Profiled Fellow: Andrew Perrin

When I first met Dr. Andy Perrin, he greeted me in full stride, running to our interview directly from the last meeting of his graduate seminar on the sociology of culture.


Profiled Fellow: Patricia Parker

Patricia Parker—associate professor in communication studies, IAH Fellow and IAH Leadership Advisory Board member—is tired. “But it’s a good tired,” says Parker, who has had a busy few years.