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Ethos: A Digital Review launches with support from the IAH

On October 18, 2013, graduate students and faculty at UNC launched Ethos: A Digital Review of the Arts, Humanities, and Public Ethics. Supported by the Institute for the Arts and Humanities, Ethos is a collective of critics, scholars, and public intellectuals who hope to inspire discussion about the cultures that shape—and are shaped by—contemporary society.  Ethos begins with the premise that cultural ideas have powerful effects upon the everyday conditions of our lives. From early modern plays to contemporary television comedies, we maintain that culture does much more than reflect or imitate larger social conditions. Rather, cultural mores, performances, and artifacts comprise a network of forces that help to configure our economics, politics, and daily existence. 

Ethos is committed to providing an online space for reflecting upon the variety of collective customs, ideas, and art that shape the human condition.  In our global, digital world, no community or individual exists in isolation from another. Instead, we live in an interconnected world of customs, ideas, and cultures, or ethoi. To that end, Ethos is concerned with facilitating a versatile space for debating—and indeed producing—powerful cultural ideas that better the lived conditions of a diverse, global public. Thus, our referred journal articles as well as our weekly forums are inflected through our commitment to intellectual interventions in public life.

We invite you to visit the project and explore the discussions at Please consider participating in the digital forum through original contributions (350-500 words) and through commenting on current posts, and email Editors Ben Mangrum ( and Katie Walker ( with inquiries. Join the conversation!

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