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Call for Participants: World War I: The Legacy, A Campus Conversation

The Institute for the Arts and Humanities and the College of Arts and Sciences are sponsoring a year-long exploration focusing on World War I: The Legacy during the Academic Year 2014-2015. This will be part of a celebration of the centennial year of the outbreak of the Great War.

Despite a general lack of awareness in the United States, World War I exerted enormous influence upon domestic and foreign policy. The War literally reshaped international trade, military science, gender and work roles, and the creation and endurance of nation states. Additionally, the War generated new perspectives on international law, race relations in the United States and abroad, medical and scientific advances, literature, art, theater, music, and commemoration practice just to mention a few examples.

We hope to engage—and believe the topic will encourage—a broad and diverse range of faculty, departments, curricula, and professional schools across the University in this year-long conversation. Among the activities already under consideration are conferences, performances, exhibitions, speakers, and particularly courses that explore this legacy.  

If you are interested in—or even contemplating—participating in this endeavor, we invite you to contact Bill Balthrop, professor of communication studies and associate director of the Institute, at for further information.  It would be most helpful if you could indicate your particular interest in examining this legacy and a brief explanation of what you or your unit might consider proposing.

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