Cover Image IAH PodcastWelcome to the IAH Podcast Series, where we profile current and former Fellows of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities here at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We talk to Fellows about their work in teaching, service and research. We learn their routines for success as educators. We explore what motivates them as chairs of departments or organization leaders. We learn how they approach their projects. And we want to share their knowledge with you.

  • Jina Valentine-mug

    IAH Podcast | Jina Valentine, Assistant Professor of Art

    Jina Valentine is concerned with how art can inspire discussion. Valentine, UNC Assistant Professor of Art, discusses The Black Lunch Table, a collaboration with Heather Hart, a fellow artist based in New York. Black Lunch Table is a work of … Continued

  • Jeannie Loeb

    IAH Podcast | Jeannie Loeb, Senior Lecturer, Psychology and Neuroscience

    Senior Lecturer Jeannie Loeb is a current Institute for the Arts and Humanities Faculty Fellow through the Chapman Family Teaching Award at UNC-Chapel Hill.

  • Christian Lentz

    IAH Podcast | Christian Lentz, Assistant Professor, Geography

    A current Faculty Fellow, Geography Department Assistant Professor Christian Lentz has been using his time away from teaching to concentrate on his book manuscript. He describes the project as “a story of territory as it is experienced and constructed in the Vietnamese revolution when they were fighting for independence from the French in the 1940s and ’50s.”

  • Michele Berger

    IAH Podcast | Michele Berger, Director, Faculty Fellows Program

    When Michele Berger is not teaching, researching and writing, she is preparing to guide faculty through their fellowships at the Institute for the Arts and Humanities.

  • Elizabeth Engelhardt

    IAH Podcast | Elizabeth Engelhardt, Professor, American Studies

    Elizabeth Engelhardt is looking closely at the history and culture of boarding houses in the U.S. South. “There is a surprising number of stories of people re-inventing themselves, passing their gender, passing their race,” she reports. Engelhardt’s research during her current Faculty Fellowship Program begins not by defining the boarding house, but using research to tell their stories.

  • Todd Ochoa

    IAH Podcast | Todd Ochoa, Associate Professor of Religious Studies

    Todd Ochoa is an anthropologist who focuses on religion. This semester he is teaching Introduction to Religion and Culture to 180 students as well as a graduate course, Religion in Postcolonial Americas. Ochoa explains that Religious Studies is not the … Continued

  • John McGowan

    The IAH awards John McGowan the Johnson Prize

    John McGowan is the 2016 recipient of the George H. Johnson Prize for Distinguished Achievement by an Institute for the Arts and Humanities Fellow.

  • Mariska Leunissen

    IAH Podcast | Mariska Leunissen, Associate Professor, Philosophy

    We talked to Faculty Fellow Mariska Leunissen after she completed her fellowship Spring 2016. Leunissen discusses her unique perspective on the philosophy of Aristotle, especially his foundational text on biology. she provides insight on how we can apply his work to … Continued

  • Andrew Perrin

    Andrew Perrin | Professor, Sociology

    How does one quantify humanities education on democracy? This is the task before Andrew Perrin, Professor of Sociology. Perrin is a Faculty Fellow (2007) and Academic Leadership Fellow (2010). He just finished a Faculty Fellowship in Spring 2016, where he researched humanities education and its impact on citizenship.

  • Mai Nguyen

    IAH Podcast | Mai Nguyen, Associate Professor, City and Regional Planning

    City and Regional Planning Associate Professor Mai Nguyen is the New Faculty Program Director at the IAH, effective July 1. She succeeds Associate Professor of Religious Studies Todd Rámon Ochoa, who served in the position for 3 years.

  • Gerhardt-Michael

    IAH Podcast | Michael Gerhardt, UNC School of Law Professor

    UNC School of Law Professor Michael Gerhardt discusses the 2016 presidential election and the impact of HB2 on North Carolina races.

  • James Moeser

    IAH Podcast | James Moeser, Chancellor Emeritus, Acting IAH Director

    UNC Chancellor Emeritus James Moeser, who begins his role as acting director of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities, effective July 1. “The faculty is at the heart of what we are about as a university” he said. “The administration exists to facilitate the life and work of the faculty and a student’s learning.”

  • Kathleen DuVal

    IAH Podcast | Kathleen DuVal, History Professor

    UNC History Professor and Faculty Fellow Kathleen DuVal discusses teaching and her book “Independence Lost: Lives on the Edge of the American Revolution.”

  • Thrailkill and Jordynn Jack

    IAH Podcast | Jane Thrailkill and Jordynn Jack at the HHIVE

    Jane Thrailkill and Jordynn Jack on Health Humanities: Interdisciplinary Venue for Exploration (HHIVE) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

  • gulledge-15-jby031-cropped-2016

    Suzanne Gulledge named new ALP Director

    Effective July 1, Suzanne Gulledge begins as the new director of the Academic Leadership Program. The program coaches tenured and fixed term faculty members as they explore the challenges facing UNC and how they might help the university.

  • Kim Strom-Gottfried

    IAH Podcast | Kim Strom-Gottfried, Academic Leadership Program Director

      “People can lead in a lot of ways,” says Kim Strom-Gottfried, who eight years ago began her work as director of the Academic Leadership Program (ALP). She just completed her last semester in this role. In an interview with Michele … Continued

  • Mark Katz square photo

    IAH Podcast | Mark Katz, Director, Institute for the Arts and Humanities

    When Mark Katz is wrapping up a semester on the art and culture of the DJ, his travels around the world as director of the Next Level, a U.S. State Department program that brings hip-hop to serve as cultural diplomacy in nations such as Tanzania, Honduras, and Thailand. And when he gets back, he may a have a few dissertation defenses to hear.

  • oswaldo Estrada

    IAH Podcast | Oswaldo Estrada, Associate Professor of Spanish

    Associate Professor Oswaldo Estrada is no stranger to the classroom. He is a current Faculty Fellow as the recipient of the Chapman Family Teaching Award.

  • Hinson Image

    IAH Podcast | Glenn Hinson, Associate Professor, Folklore and Anthropology

    The difference between a toast and a poem was clear to Horace “Spoons” Williams, who readily shared this with in the mid-1980s with Glenn Hinson, Associate Professor of Folklore and Anthropology in the American Studies Department. Hinson, an Institute for the … Continued

  • kramer

    IAH Podcast | Rob Kramer, Senior Leadership Consultant

    Those of us who have had leadership training may wonder “How does that coach learn to do this?”

    To get some answers, we talked with Rob Kramer, Senior Leadership Consultant here at the Institute for the Arts and Humanities. He brings a breadth of experience in coaching business and academic leaders, teams, and executives through his firm Kramer Leadership. Here at the IAH, where he has worked for 6 years, Kramer facilitates the Academic Leadership Program and the Chairs Leadership Program.

  • DSC_0667

    IAH Podcast | Nichola Lowe, Associate Professor, City and Regional Planning

    In one of the graduate-level courses Professor Nichola Lowe teaches, one starts with a real-life issue to solve: how to provide education for a manufacturing worker named Maddie. Lowe uses the story from an Atlantic essay that discusses labor to prime her students to think outside typical paths to education that may not be possible for working-class workers.

  • Stephanie Schrader

    IAH Podcast | Stephanie Schrader, J. Paul Getty Museum Curator

    Stephanie Schrader, PhD, delivers the 22nd Mary Stevens Reckford Memorial Lecture in European Studies entitled Appropriating Asia: The Depiction of the Exotic in European Art. In this special episode, she reveals the inspiration for this lecture and gives a preview of what appropriation and exotification might mean in history in the context of trade and religion in Europe and Asia.

  • Becker and Lindquist

    IAH Podcast | Misha Becker and Kristen Lindquist on how they collaborated on a FIRE grant

    What began as an idea linking language, art, and psychological development quickly became a project at a local museum. A $25,000 grant for radical interdisciplinary research can do that.

  • Schoenfisch

    IAH Podcast | Mark Schoenfisch, Chemistry Professor

    Can Robert M. Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance be a pathway to learning chemistry? Professor Mark Schoenfisch, winner of the Chapman Family Teaching Award, uses it to show students what it means to “question things” and “experiencing life to the … Continued

  • Susan Harbage Page

    IAH Podcast | Susan Harbage Page, Assistant Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies

    In our interview with Susan Harbage Page, she describes her role in this already interdisciplinary field and how this has served her in her experience as a Faculty Fellow.

  • Jennifer Ho,IAH  Associate Director

    Jennifer Ho named new IAH Associate Director

    Dr. Jennifer Ho, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of English and Comparative Literature at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, will become the Associate Director of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities.

    “I’m very excited to be working with IAH Director Mark Katz and the rest of the IAH staff and am eager to help support the faculty in the college and across the university,” says Professor Ho.

  • Jim Ketch

    IAH Podcast | James Ketch, Music Professor and Jazz Studies Director

    James Ketch, UNC music professor and jazz studies director, is passionate about teaching and learning. In 1992, he was the first IAH fellow, funded by David and Becky Pardue. Since then, he has continued to flourish in his teaching, service and research.

  • fellows room 1b

    IAH Podcast | Patricia Parker, Department of Communication Chair

    Welcome to IAH Podcast, a series from the Institute for the Arts and Humanities at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Our first podcast is an interview with Patricia Parker, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication at UNC. She discusses her work at the Institute for the Arts and Humanities. “It was the Institute for the Arts and Humanities that really helped me go from idea to action,” she says about creating the Ella Baker Women’s Center for Leadership and Community Activism.

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