Gifts of all levels help strengthen IAH programs and help us to fulfill our mission of supporting and honoring outstanding UNC faculty. We appreciate every gift we receive. To that end, the Institute recognizes gifts to all IAH funds at the following levels:

Rebecca and William Abernethy
GerShun Avilez
Carolyn Bachl and Kevin Stewart
Ann Baker and Michael Linesch
Katherine Bates
Kirsten Beattie
Laura Beck
Ann and Steven Bell
Mary Grady and Victor Bell
Lisa Bennett
Michele Berger and Timothy Keim
Daniel Bertran
Carol and Robert Bilbro
Stephen Birdsall
Jennifer Bock
Charlotte Bray
Eunice Brock and Samuel Magill
Cameron Brooks
Christina and Matthew Brookshire
Kathryn Burns
Patricia Saling and Keith Burridge
Nicole Carter
Patricia and W. H. Carter
Carolyn and W. R. Connor
Fairley and Daniel Cook
Giselle Corbie-Smith
Anne Daffern
Linda Davis
A. De Croix
James de Luca
Kathleen DuVal and Martin Smith
Jo Anne and H. Earp
Connie Eble
Hannah Edwards
Jessica Efird
Nora and Steven Esthimer
Cydne and Ray Farris
Eleanor and James Ferguson
Lucinda and Richard Fink
Leon Fink
Rebecka and Edwin Fisher
Mary Floyd-Wilson and Lanis Wilson
Faith Fogle
Richard Forbis
Pamela Freeman
Robert Glen
Owen Goslin
Amy and Kevin Guskiewicz
Herbert Hackney
Anna Hayes
Lindsay and Charles Higgins
James Hirschfield
Frances Inglis
Jordynn Jack
James Yoder
Donna Johnson
Stephen Kennedy
Eoline Killough
Abigail and Orman Kimbrough
Sherryl Kleinman
Marsha and Harvey Koenig
Lynne and Richard Kohn
Barbara and Martin Kruming
Harold  Kyriazi
Dana Lacy
Sara Larcher
Theodore Leinbaugh
Jodi Magness
Vivian and Robert Manekin
Mary Ann and C. Massey
William Massey
Mary Clare Mazzocchi
Renee McBride
Laurie E. McNeil and Patrick Wallace
Mary Morrow
Jeanne Moskal
Georgia and Philip Nelson
Anna R. Neuman
Audrey and Robert Noble
Mary Norris and H. Oglesby
Lynette and Dennis Organ
Charlotte Orth and Kenneth Reckford
Willard Overlock
Anna Pare
Patricia Parker
Bettina Patterson
William Peck
Jane Perkins and John Rubin
Krista Perreira
Eliana and Andrew Perrin
Gwynne Pomeroy and Lloyd Kramer
Lisa Price
Charlene Regester
Terry Rhodes
Grace Roman
Patricia Sawin
Augusta and Jay Scattergood
Jeanine Simmons
Margaret Smith
Donna Sorgi and David Bernstein
Steven Squires
Alpha Stacer
Peter Staffel
Vincas Steponaitis
Bradford Strickland
Kimberly Strom-Gottfried and George Gottfried
Randall Styers
Ann Stewart and Randall Roden
Beverly Taylor
Claudia and Joseph Templeton
Monet Thomson
Silvia Tomaskova and Peter Redfield
Adam Versenyi
Victor E. Bell Jr. & Jane M. Bell Family Foundation
W. Trent Ragland Jr. Foundation
Patricia and James Wann
Kay and Van Weatherspoon
Lee Weisert
Nan Weiss
Julia and Thomas White
Brent Wissick
Susan Wolf and Douglas Maclean
James Yoder
Gang Yue
Katherine and Benjamin Adams
Eugenie and Vincent Andracchio
Hannah and Richard Andrews
Adair Armfield
Caroline and James Barber
Montine Barnette
Victoria and Robert Borden
Winston Crisp
Jane Danielewicz and John McGowan
Lucy Daniels
Tharon Dunn
Stuart Eizenstat
Sarah Gray
John Green
Ann and F. Hanes
Elizabeth Holsten
Richard Homes
W. S. Howland
Jewish Community Foundation of Durham & Chapel Hill
William Keyes
Donna and Thomas Lambeth
Leon A. & Pattie M. Dunn Family Foundation
Grey Lineweaver
Gerald Malmo
Richard McAdams
Carrie McNally and Claude R. Maechling
Christopher Meinecke
Mid Atlantic Foundation
James and Susan Moeser
Jean and Joseph Ritok
David Robert
Helen and John Sherrill
Allison and Brenton Smith
Alfred Smith
Lynne and Michael Tanner
Susan Wall
Emily and David Weil
Maria Wisdom
Allison and Steven Aldrich
Kara and Nathan Andrews
Gail and William Austin
Ann and Daniel Bernstein
Kristin Breuss and Geoggfrey Burgess
Mary Louise and John Burress
Katharine Chapman
Sanford Cockrell
Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
John Darden
Rebecca and Cress Darwin
Jean and James Davis
Elizabeth and Roddey Dowd
Katherine Dunleavy
E. Craig Wall Sr. Foundation
Emwiga Foundation
William Espy
Pat and John Evans
Mary Flanagan
Diane Frazier
Paul Fulton
Georges Lurcy Charitable & Educational Trust
Kathryn and James Gilliland
Kathleen and Burton Goldstein
Barbara and William Graham
Sarah Gray
Alfred Griffin
Julia and William Grumbles
Christi Hart and J. Hayden
Highland Vineyard Foundation
Margaret and James Hynes
Lynn and G. Ives
Janet and George Johnson
Betty Kenan
Thomas Kenan
Michael Kennedy
Elizabeth B. Lamar
Lunsford Richardson Preyer Charitable Lead Unitrust
William O. McCoy
Sallie A. McMillion
James A. Medford
Helen d. Neely
Kurt D. Newman
Charles E. Noell
Cynthia C. O’Hara
Wilson Orr
Nell W. Otto
Willard J. Overlock
Paul Green Foundation
John H. Pontius
Jane B. Preyer
Alfred L. Purrington
Stephen Shafroth
John C. Staton
Laurel and Edward Strong
John and Marguerite Taylor
Time Warner Inc – HQ
Marree and John Townsend
Triangle Community Foundation
David and Treva Tyson
Nancy and Sydnor White
Ashley and John White
Julia and Christopher Whitson
Tom Woodbury
Max Carrol Chapman Jr.
Chapman Family Charitable Trust
Pamela Ferguson
Duvall and J. Fuqua
Goldman Sachs Gives
Robert Hackney and Shauna Holiman
Barbara and Joseph Hyde
James Kenan
Kurt Weill Foundation for Music
Lane McDonald
Realan Foundation
Jane and Nelson Schwab
Spray Foundation Inc.
The B.W. & Barbara Miller Foundation
The Winston-Salem Foundation
Evelyn and John Turner
Robert Wessell
Charlotte and John Wickham
Caroline Williamson
Carol and J. Young
These recognition lists represent donors recorded in fiscal year 2015 (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015).
For more information, please contact:

Allison Burnett Smith
Director of Development
(919) 962-2528