IAH Fellows

Let’s start with the numbers: 27 years. 611 Faculty Fellows. 121 Academic Leadership Fellows. 70 Departmental Chairs. A 21 million dollar endowment. 12 years in Hyde Hall.

Impressive. But the numbers only tell half the story. Much more important are the friendships made; the transforming conversations around the fellowship table or in a living room in Atlanta or New York City; the books written, read, and taught; and the ideas spawned, debated, revamped, and put into practice.

The Institute for the Arts and Humanities is both everything founder Ruel Tyson intended it to be and more than he could have ever dreamed possible. That is because the IAH is a collective product, the result of collaborations among colleagues and with donors who brought into life something larger than each one of us. It is the intellectual crossroads on the UNC-CH campus, fostering the inquisitive and open-minded spirit of the liberal arts. Intellectual community is good for its own sake, but it also makes faculty at Carolina better teachers and more innovative scholars, which is why we seek to foster the free-flowing exchange of ideas in a variety of forms and to a variety of purposes. A good conversation energizes and revitalizes, expanding the horizon and upsetting settled habits. In short, it educates all its participants.

The IAH is where Carolina’s past is cherished, its present unfolds, and its future is created, so come to the Institute and see what all the talk is about. Even better: Join the conversation.

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