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What do the following universities have in common: Brown, Cornell, the University of Chicago, the University of
Michigan, the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, and Vanderbilt?
These are some of the universities that made generous job offers to arts and humanities faculty in just the last
year. What else do they have in common? They all failed. They failed in their attempts to lure away some of our
best scholars and teachers. There is one other common thread here: in each case, the Institute for the Arts and
Humanities played a significant role in keeping these faculty members at Carolina.
So how does the IAH help retain our world-class professors? We contribute generously to counteroffers, and I’m
pleased to say that every counteroffer I have been involved in since becoming director in 2014 has been successful.
But this is only one small part of the picture. The IAH is UNC’s faculty home for interdisciplinary conversation
and collaboration, and by bringing professors together to share their ideas and by fostering a sense of community,
we help make this university a place where faculty want to stay. We’re extremely proud of the fact that over the
past decade there has been about a 90% retention rate for professors who participate in our Faculty Fellowship
Program and in our Academic Leadership Program. That means that faculty who get involved in the IAH’s core
programs overwhelmingly tend to stay at UNC, despite the outside offers that come their way.
Our fellowship and leadership programs are not all that we do to enrich the careers and lives of our faculty. The
New Professors Program and the Associate Professors Program bring newly arrived and newly tenured faculty
together for discussions, workshops, and social events, and do a great deal to help faculty during these transitional
periods. We distribute funding to promote conferences, lectures, and small working groups, all of which empower
our faculty to develop their work and to make important connections in the scholarly community, both within and
outside of UNC.
All the programs and activities I’ve mentioned are effective at keeping our faculty productive and fulfilled, and
keeping them at Carolina. But they have something else in common: they are all funded through private donations.
The Institute for the Arts and Humanities simply would not exist without the generous backing of Carolina alumni
and friends. I hope that you will consider supporting—or continuing to support—our efforts at the IAH. Investing
in our faculty is one of the surest ways to keep our university great.

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