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For Professor Andrew Reynolds, learning with students starts with coffee

Andrew Reynolds William Kumpf

“Some professors, while very knowledgeable in their field, are just sort of dry. They’ll give you good information, but they’re not conveying it to you in a way that makes you enthusiastic. When a professor shows enthusiasm about his subject, it’s so much more likely to make the students enthusiastic about it too. Once you can find interest in it, it makes me more likely to reach out to the professor because I’m engaged and want to learn more.”

Q&A: How studying the humanities at Carolina shaped a politician’s life

Park Cannon Misha Becker Michele Berger Susan Hudson, for The Gazette

Park Cannon (’14) went to Chapman University in California to study dance, but withdrew after someone there scrawled the “n-word” all over her dormitory door. She transferred to Carolina, where she majored in linguistics and minored in women’s and gender studies.

For this Carolina alum, an honors class begins a lifetime of education for the sake of learning as the goal

Lane McDonald, Institute for the Arts and Humanities Lane McDonald, Advisory Board Member

For the vast majority of my career as a student, I was a 92.5% kind of person.  Meaning, I would quickly figure out the minimum of what I needed to do in order to get full credit and then do that and only that; not a smidge more.  The aim was always to optimize the minimum-work-maximum-benefit equation, staying focused on the next “big goal” (good grades lead to a good college leads to a good job, etc.).

Pardue Fellowship: The first at the Institute

Becky Pardue Melissa Clay

“We wanted to channel our gift into something that was important to the Arts and Sciences Foundation and in particular to College of Arts and Sciences Dean Gill Cell,” said David Pardue. Thus, the Pardue Fellowship was established. David Pardue went on to serve on the UNC Board of Trustees from 1995 to 2003. He and Becky also served on the IAH Advisory Board during the planning of Hyde Hall, which opened its doors in 2002.